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Stivian Gatev during his winter training  in December 2018. 
Photos By Actiongrpahers.

Stivian Gatev | 2020 Brings new challenges

Jan 312020

Stivian Gatev is one of the most recognisable mountain bike athletes in Bulgaria. That of course is well deserved considering he is 3x National Champion and 3x .Bulgarian Downhill Series Champion. Stivi is know for his determination, hard training routines, and not backing down. We managed to catch him during his off-season to talk about











We heard that you started a new project. Tell us a bit more.

Yes, that is true. I've started my own mountain bike academy. I'll teach my experience which i gathered during my racing carreare to young racers. Gatev -Downhill Academy is just 6 months old, but we're all most booked
throught whe whole of 2020. Besides the educational courses we'll organize trips to races abroad. This is very important experience. I believe that if young racers receive adequate support they will perform. We're still at the beginning, but i feel that this is going to be one of the projects to which I'll dedicate myself.

Is there something new in your preparation for 2020 season? 


At the end of 2019 I changed my diet. I've managed to lower my weight to 82kg. This reflected my endurance, and i feel much lighter on the bike. I'm still going to the GYM a couple of day in week. I don't lift weights. My training is concentrated towards balance and endurance. In good day i'm on my road bike doing about 70-80 kilometers per day.

“"I've achieved my major goals, but I feel that 2020 will be a lot better."”