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Pamporovo Bike Fest was a successful MTB event rank UCI 1 and ME ambassador Stivian Gatev was on the podium.


Oct 252017

Monster Energy Downhill rider Stivian Gatev participated this weekend to the Greek Downhill Cup in Oreokastro track, Forest Gam Trail.

Last year during this race he won the 2nd place. Just before this years race he told us that he is coming for the win. So he did it!

Read below the mini interview with Stivian Gatev and don’t forget to stay tuned on for more news about him!


Hey Stivian, tell us about your win this weekend

Hey guys, last weekend the final round of the Greek Downhill Series took place in Oreokastro, Thessaloniki and I participated because I knew that I can make a good results. The last race on that track was back in 2015 when I took second place, and this season I am in much better shape. During the trainings I had a massive crash, but I was lucky because I did not injured myself. On Sunday during my first training ride I noticed that I have a technical problem with my right pedal and I had to ride with two different pedals on the Qualifications. Nevertheless, despite those issues, I managed to give the best time. I was able to change my pedals for the Final with a new set. I knew that the final run will not be easy so I gave everything I could and my effort payed off - I managed to win with almost 2 seconds.

What your preparation for a race includes and important is for you?

Nothing special really – physical training in the gym and riding. For me it was the last race for the season and I wanted to make a good results. I am happy that I managed to win.

Whats your favorite track ever?

This year I participated in the IXS Cup (European Cup) and I think that Schladming, Austria has all the elements that make a good track. It is the one I enjoyed the most, so Schladming is my favorite.

What do you think about the DH level in GR?

In the last few years the level of the Greek riders is definitely going up. I see that a lot of young riders are giving very good times on the races and have a huge potential.

Whats your goal for next year?

I have big plans for 2018. I will participate in many races on European level. I know it will not be easy, but if you want to progress as a rider you have to raise the bar for yourself constantly.