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DarkFEST 2020 - South Africa

Storming the Gates of DarkFEST 2020

Feb 102020

Set in front of the remote and rocky back drop of the Franschhoek mountains just outside of Stellenbosch, Sam Reynolds the boys brought the thunder all week long for the 2020 edition of DarkFEST.


Reports had been saying the top secret compound had been testing some serious weapons of mass construction, and they were right. These jumps were designed to unleash a whole new reign of freeride terror that was set to break the internet.


We decided to storm the gates to get a look for ourselves, take a scroll through some of the best DarkFEST highlights from the week!




DarkFEST weapons declassified – The Rocket Launcher 2.0


Designed by Austrian mad scientist Clemens Kaudela, the second revision of the Rocket Launcher delivered a serious amount of range sending riders up over 20 feet off the lip!

This year marked redemption for Sam Reynolds after being taken out of commission last year during the testing phase with a badly broken wrist. Sam returned back to conquer his demons and came out the other side stronger than ever.


We’re stoked to see Sam back on top form and charging hard!

Locals had been reporting strange lights and unidentified flying objects in the area. Maybe it was just Theo Erlangsen getting in some after dark hits on the step up?

The hundreds of local civilians who also joined us in storming the gates during the public days were treated to no shortage of big sends by the crew.


Jaxson Riddle is not from this planet. We swear the kid spent more time in the stratosphere than on the ground when firing down the course, anti gravity tech anyone? Jaxson also stomped a huge flip on the hip during the public day which he nailed perfectly. 

No Fest event is complete without a rowdy awards ceremony, where the riders are rewarded for their shred efforts during the week in a no pressure format which allows for the best riding and environment to push the level of progression.


Best Style award: Nico Vink

Best Trick award: Bienvenido Aguado (Front flip Tsunami)

King of Darkness award: Jaxson Riddle

Jordie Lunn spirit of DarkFEST award: Matt Macduff


Stay tuned for the highlights edit dropping soon on the Fest Series YouTube Channel!