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Pictures from Street Mirror Expo - a tattoo convention in Tallinn, Estonia

Street Mirror Expo 2018

Oct 302018

There is no better feeling than to be around people who love the same thing as you do. Street Mirror expo – the tattoo and lifestyle expo - was the place to be to get acquainted with tattooing as lifestyle and artform.

The best Studio artists were there to show and tell every interest what this tattoo lifestyle is all about. For more braver ones it wasn`t enough with the talking, therefore they were able to get a tattoo right there on the spot.

Throughout the whole day, we all were able to experience competitions in different categories and tattooing styles. There were also additional activities in form of kickboxing workshops and video game tournaments for the visitors to enjoy. One couldn`t complain about boredom.

And here you go, some eye candy for you from the Street Mirror Expo!