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Rafal Pasierbek (Stunter 13) 2016 Pre-season Shooting

Stunter13: It would be nice to ride on Mars one day

Apr 252018

Shortly before winter finally came to an end and another motorbike season kicked off for good, we caught up in Warsaw with one of world’s best motorbike stunters - Rafał Pasierbek aka Stunter13. Over another portions of his beloved sushi, we asked Rafał about his life in travel, current equipment in his garage, interests going way outside the motorbike world and some plans for the future.

interview with stunter13

Hey Stunter, what have you been up to lately?

Last weeks were mostly intensive shows. I was on two big events. The first one of them was Moto Days in Rome - one of the largest motorcycle fair in the world. I was performing there my shows all weekend. Over 80 thousand people came to that event and I had a really great time. The weather was also good as we still had winter in Poland. After returning from Rome, we set off to the south of France for another motorcycle trade fair in Narbonne. In April, when the spring has finally come, I returned to my normal life - everyday trainings in Poland.

You travel a lot not only around Europe, but also around the world, practically all year round. There are places you return to because you are invited to do another shows there. Which countries would you point as your absolutely favourite ones?

It was always nice in Colombia, where I've been three times already. Last time I flew there for a month and a half and had seven shows in different cities. It was a great experience - I tasted the full Colombian lifestyle, I met many new friends and the culture of different regions of Colombia, which differ from each other.

So Colombia is your number one. Where else would you like to come back?

Much earlier, in 2012 I had a completely different trip, focused on contests - I competed in three rounds of XDL in the USA. It was a nice trip because I went there with my uncle, who is my mechanic. There was also with us a Japanese, who I met there - Hiroyuki Ogawa. We stayed together at Aaron Twite’s, whom I had one met at the world championships in Switzerland. We were also joint by another American stunter, in total there were five of us. We bought a proper American van with a truck engine - Ford E350 for 4 thousand dollars, rented a trailer and toured together the entire country. The contest rounds, which we participated in, were separated from each other by about two weeks, so we had a lot of time to explore.

How much time did you spend there?

A month and a half and in total we did over 15 thousand km in various directions. And of course we had lots of adventures, like in the States. Once we stopped by the Grand Canyon in the morning, looked around, pulled out our bike and made a session at the edge of the canyon. We were doing circles and riding on one wheel a meter, two from the edge of the canyon, without any barriers… - lots of adrenaline for me and a big challenge! Our friend from Japan said that he preferred to take pictures, so we have something to look at and reminisce... During that trip I also met many friendly stunters, who were inviting us to their spots and houses so that we could practice together and had somewhere to stay over night. That whole trip was definitely one of the top adventures in my life!

Ok, let's go back to the present and talk a bit about your current equipment. You have three different motorcycles in your garage?

Yes, I am officially sponsored by Yamaha so I ride on the Yamahas. My main stunt motorcycle is Yamaha R6 with a 600 cc engine. It is a sports bike designed for fast riding but of course my R6 does not resemble a typical sports motorcycle. All wind deflectors and lamps were taken off, and the petrol tank was pressed so that I could sit or jump on it. There is also a cage that protects the engine against my falls, as well as a handbrake – an additional rear brake which I use by my hand when I jump somewhere around the seat or tank.

What is the power of this bike?

This motorcycle has originally 130 bhp, but we have modified it a little and changed the wheel gear in it. Because of that we are not be able to measure precisely how much power it. Instead of a 40 tooth gear wheel we use a 70 tooth wheel. We even call it putting a pizza on the back :) as it is practically as big as the wheel. This affects the torque and the force coming from low revs. Instead of the original maximum speed of 280 kmh this motorcycle can now reach only around 190 kmh but its power is massive and the engine does not get too tired.

You also have two other motorcycles…

I also have Yamaha MT 07 – a nice, two-cylinder naked bike. It is very manoeuvrable, although it does not have too much power – only about 80 bhp. However, it has a much bigger torque and I like to do technical no-handies on it. It's hard to strangle this bike. I prefer R6 for drifting, however, because of its power. Anyway, riding these motorcycles I do not duplicate tricks, I have a different style of riding on them… Recently my uncle Janek, a constructor, has remade my Yamaha MT 09, which has three cylinders in a row, adding a turbocharger to it. It is now a motorcycle for a typical drift, with an extended rocker to increase its stability when going sideways. We have drawn 210 HP out of 110 HP, so we almost doubled its power. It's a devil, not a bike!

Let's talk business. Apparently you’re planning to release your own series of clothes?

Yes, I plan to open an online store connected to my website. It is all under construction now. Clothes from my own collection, as well as a replica of my Lazer helmet and some of my gadgets will available for purchase there. In general, motorcycle clothing, but not only - in the future I would also like to sell accessories for motorcycle stunt, such as cages, door handles etc.

We’ve also heard your another great passion is the outer space..?

Yeah, it’s the result of my curiosity. I think we live in a breakthrough era when it comes to science and our knowledge. There are new theories about the universe. It fascinates me very much and whenever I have time, I try to deepen my knowledge in these areas… Since I was young I’ve been a fan of science fiction movies and when I was a kid I used to walk outside and wait for UFO to on nearby fields :) I'm interested in everything related to the space... and I think it somehow connects with stunt riding. People who expand their knowledge are usually more creative in their professions. It's also good to have other interests than what you do every day.

A Tesla car has been recently sent into space so it's time for Stunter13’s Yamaha now?

Exactly. It would also be nice to ride on Mars one day, where gravity is much weaker than on Earth. Such tricks as kangaroo stoppie - a jump from the front wheel, would be much higher there than on our planet.

Going down to our Earth life, do planning any more starts in contests, or have you given up with competing?

I think that what I had to win, has already been won. I am satisfied with what I managed to achieve… But don’t get me wrong - I'm not a proud person, sometimes I miss this rivalry and adrenaline. As I used to compete every year, it was harder and harder, which was a nice motivation for me. I have never treated competitions as competing with others, but with myself and the pressure. I miss this sometimes, but I have many other ideas in my head – new film productions, next shows, the online store with my collection of clothes that talked about. I think I will never be bored - I still intend to train hard develop new tricks for my show and keep enjoying others with my ride.