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Suicidal Tendencies Concert in Milan

Suicidal Tendencies: Persistence Tour hits Milan

Feb 022017

Last week Suicidal Tendencies hit the Italian city of Milan headlining the “Persistence Tour”. A huge crowd filled the venue with amazing energy and everyone was stoked to finally see legendary drummer Dave Lombardo (formerly of Slayer) in action. Everything one would hope to experience while watching Suicidal Tendencies was there, performing classics like “Possessed To Skate” and “Cyco Visions”. The set ended explosively with a stage invasion from the entire crowd during Suicidal’s anthem “Pledge Your Allegiance!

Before they smashed the stage at Live Club an unexpected occurrence took place: a signing session for the fans at the Bastard Bowl! 
Stay Tuned with us to discover what else went down at Bastard Bowl, in the meantime read this exclusive interview with the band leader Mike Muir.

when you have the world’s best drummer it’s amazing playing with him every night

How are you Mike?

Good, good!

You’ve just started your European tour few days ago. How has the tour going so far?

Good, we’ve done eight shows, playing every night in Poland, Slovakia, Belgium, some German shows. We had a lot of fun, it was really good! All I can complain is about the weather, I don’t like the cold!

Your latest album World Gone Mad was released in 2016. How’s the crowd reaction when you play new titles live?

With this tour it’s a little bit different, when we were in the States, we had longer sets, we had to play more stuff. This time we had shorter sets and we only played a couple of new songs, but everybody loves it! We really enjoy playing them and we’re really happy with the record, we’re proud of it.

ST is celebrating 36th years and despite all these years you still have the same energy, what’s your secret?

It’s simple…I don’t drink and have never did any drugs, I value life, I see everyday as a great opportunity and I’ve three kids and a wife… all that keeps me motivated.

The lineup has changed over the years, can you tell us more on the current line up?

Yeah, obviously the big thing now is that we’ve got Dave Lombardo on drums. Playing with Dave is great, he’s actually the first person that we’ve got that it’s known from other bands. Previously we’ve always had new people gone on to play in other bands. Getting Dave is a great opportunity, he’s someone that totally understands what the band is about and you know, when you have the world’s best drummer it’s amazing playing with him every night, he brings so much excitement, it’s a lot of fun.

skateboarding is a big part of our lives

We are in Europe and ST has a strong fan base here. What’s your most memorable gig in Europe?

Wow, that’s hard to say, there has been so many and so many great things have happened and I don’t even think I can put it down to one, it would be impossible! I think that we have been very fortunate over the years to have the chance to play in places where we have never played before. Playing somewhere for the first time, it’s always a great experience! But yeah they are too many I can’t put it down to one thing.

Today we are at the Bastard Bowl in Milan, spending a day with fans and skaters. Obviously ST is well connected to the skate scene but do you often get the chance to meet your fans in a skate park like today?

Sure! My brother was a Pro skateboarder, he is five years older than me home and I have always look up on him. So ever since I’ve been young I’ve been going to skate contests, going to the trade shows with my brother and all the sponsored people at Dog Town. Now we have Suicidal skates and we also just did a collaboration with Jason Jessee. For me it’s always a great situation and opportunity, so anytime we have a chance to do something like this, it’s very cool and especially when it’s in a different country. I think that skateboarders are the first people to be into the band, I was the first person that was a non pro skater that was on the cover of Trasher Magazine, last year we have inducted into the skateboard Hall of Fame. So yes, skateboarding is a big part of our lives.

What are the plans after the tour?

Well we’ll get back home and start with a tour in the States and straight after US tour we’ll go to France for three weeks and back to the States again and then we are back to Europe in June and July playing all the festivals. So basically it’s start and stop, go, get back home, do as much as we can and then head back on the road again. Just trying to fit life in between

Anything else you would like to add?

We really appreciate the support. One of the great things about doing things like this, is that there are always people that had never heard about us, that have never seen the band and they will check it out. So we’re very lucky, that we’re always able to get people to see the band and check out what we do and keep Suicidal going through three or four generations of people. That’s a great thing and we appreciate it!