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Superbiker Racer Sandesh in conversation with Monster Energy

May 242020

Bike racing in India is taking off like never before - many love the sport for the adrenaline it evokes. The unstoppable Sandesh Prasannakumar has covered millions of miles after finishing his first ever bike race in Bangalore. With the energy that every Monster fan possesses, Sandesh, chose the path he loved and followed his passion of bike racing only to become an inspiration for the many more bike racing enthusiasts and to make the country proud. We recently caught up with him. Read on to know his story:

When and how did you start your journey?

This was back in 2011 when I was a college kid and was very fond of bikes and racing. One day, one of my friends just enrolled me for a race. I went on to win my first local race “Nandi Hill Climb.” Well, I went there and was among the top 5 racers. There I saw a couple of national championship teams participating and I wanted to get into national championship as well. That is where it all started. 

What excites you about bike racing?

If you ask anyone, everyone would say it’s the speed and adrenaline rush. But it’s more of discipline and hard work. When you are participating in international championships, you need to work hard and be more discipled in life and train yourself to be fit. Because if you are serious and hardworking, only then will you succeed at it.

What are some misconceptions people have about bike racing?

Most people feel bikes are for bad boys and that’s not true. When people take part in professional races, it’s not easy. People feel racing all about riding like maniacs on road. Most people don’t know that professional races or championships are happening. Racing is dangerous and risky is a common misconception, but it’s much safer than riding crazily on roads as all precautions are taken and right gear is worn for professional races.

Do you have a fear of getting hurt when you take part in professional races?

It’s all about your mindset. If you are focused and confident about racing, and love what you do, such things don’t bother you much. There were a few times I was not comfortable with the bike and it bothered me. It felt like I might crash but then when the bike was set up, suspension was right, I was more confident and ended up pushing 100 percent.

Which was your favourite race?

Thailand Superbike Championship -  mainly because the competition there is really tough and many riders are fighting for podium. I have never fought with so many riders for a podium.

Which is the dream race you’d want to participate in?

To be realistic, I would opt for Asia Superbike Championship because goals can’t be unrealistic with age and the pace we have. Racing there would be a dream since all the best racers compete in that championship.

A piece of advice you’d want to give to the young generation?

For all the kids, youth who want to race, important part here is training for racing. There are many schools available in India that provide training and professional advice so it’s better if they take training and most importantly wear all the safety gear.

How are you dealing with the quarantine?

Haha! Putting on a bit of weight and trying best to stay fit with whatever possible resources at home. Trying to stay fit is difficult right now and I hope the situation gets over soon and we can get back on the bike. And I guess considering the current crisis, after the lockdown, people will be more conscious and will start working out and stay fit in all ways possible.

Which is your favourite Monster energy drink?

Monster Ultra. Always gives me just the right dose of energy.

You can follow Sandesh and his incredible journey on Instagram