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Bulgarian Monster Athletes are swapping their sports in the "Swap Project".
Photos are taken by Nikoleta Bogoeva.
Sofia, Bulgaria

Swap Project

Mar 172019

"Swap Project" is something we've all thought about. What would happen if three of  Monster Energy's athletes switch sports in a fun, but still competitive video series?

Alexander Yazov(Drifting), Stivian Gatev(Downhill MTB) and Martin Choy(Motorcycle Road Racing) are champions in their own disciplines, but now are taken away from their comfort zone and thrown in to a different realm. 
The three episodes will reveal how each of the athletes approaches and adapts to new challenges."
"Swap Project" is a unique perspective in to the character of a champion.

Episode 1:
In the first episode Martin Choy(24 times Motorcycle Road Racing Champion) will have to show that he can control Alexander Yazov's (2 times European Drift Champion) drift car, a Bmw E36 with 500bhp. Is Martin going to be able to handle the additional horse power or he will submit to the E36's rear wheel drive?
Just watch and see!


 EPisode 2:
In the second episode Alexander Yazov will take on a totally new challenge. He has never ridden a downhill bike in his life. He would have to tackle a 2km downhill track on Stivian Gatev's (2 times Balkans Champion) downhill bike.
Going from four to two wheels is a big change, but Alex is not an European champion for no reason.

Episode 3:
In the final challenge Stivian Gatev will remain on two wheels, but will have to consider the extra weight, switched brakes and changing gears with his foot. Stivi will have to change the mountain views with an indoor race track. Even though he knows how to balance on two wheels, being fast on tarmac is something absolutely different.