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Aug 262018

They say that championships aren’t won on your good nights, but instead they’re won on the toughest ones. When things get hard, champions respond.

If that’s true, then Tai Woffinden is just three rounds away from claiming a third world speedway championship because on his hardest night of the season he still managed to take home 12 points and a place on the podium despite not winning any of his races in Gorzow on Saturday.

Tai headed into the weekend with a 17 point lead and his title rivals were only able to shave a point off that in what was a fiercely-contested battle in front of 18,000 beer-fuelled fans who created an insane atmosphere.

On the track, it was a night for substance over style and the English shredder showed a whole lot of it.


“I had to dig deep, I really did have to dig deep to try and find something because it wasn’t working all night. We kept pushing and pushing and in the end we found something and it was okay but it was a really hard night.


“When it rains like it did before the race it makes it a totally level playing field and you could see the guys were finding their set-up’s as the night went on. It’s one of those where you’re just chasing trying to find something because the normal set-up you’d use doesn’t work.


“I came here with a 17 point lead and I’m leaving with a 16 point one and I didn’t even win a race! For the championship, as far as that’s concerned, it was a good night. But it was hard.


“We’ve got three big rounds left now so it’s time to knuckle down and work even harder than I already do. I want to concentrate on making some starts and getting out of the gate because it would make my life a hell of a lot easier if I did. I’m looking forward to the last three and then we’ll see where we end up, but I’m happy.”


Tai finished in third place with Slovakian star Martin Vaculik pulling off an awesome win over home hero, and the man closest to Tai in the standings, Bartek Zmarzlik. Our man Patryk Dudek was fourth but only after a huge get-off in the original staging of the final that saw him plough into the safety fence at high speed.


Luckily he came out unscathed and his night finished with 12 points to move into fifth place in the series, and Greg Hancock ended on 10 to jump into overall sixth.