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Photos from the local BMX Jam - Street Attack - in Tallinn, Estonia


Jul 242019

Few weeks ago, the best sons of the Baltic States, Finland and Russia gathered in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, to celebrate a day full BMX riding. When the local audience is usually accustomed to seeing action sports competitions happening in skateparks, then this time the format was something different - more specifically, it was a real street competition.

At the beginning of the competition day, at the first spot in the Seaplane Harbore, „Street Attack Tallinn 2019 BMX Jam“ brought together around hundred BMX riders and fans and offered countless by-passers chance to witness spectacular tricks. Everything was very simple - in 6 hours the riders passed through 6 -7 street spots, several mini-competitions were organized and the top three among the best were awarded to finish it off. Mind-blowing tricks went down on benches, banks, stairs, handrails and concrete ledges.

We asked the main organizer of the event, Ragner Trepp, what did he enjoyed the most when organizing this event, to which he replied: “I enjoyed the freedom, I saw that people enjoyed not having a definite timetable, no definite track, different locations and everyone was just as equal and creative as it was in their own head at the time.” And when will the next event take place, he replied: “It may happen in autumn or next year.”


The day ended with a massive after-party in the local venue called Red Emperor Bar, where riders could celebrate the day with the wild beats played by the DJ’s, and where the top three were awarded. Jonah Peijari from Finland ended up as the winner, Estonian local Marti Lainevool took the second award, and the third place went to Latvia and Krists Kanuks. Congratulations to all the winners from our side and a big thanks to all of you, who came out and made it a day full of many exciting experiences!