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Lithuanian car racing championship Fast Lap Stage 2 in Riga, Latvia

Tauras Tunyla about the race weekend in Bikernieki

Jun 232018

It`s no secret that we love racing and everything that comes with it. Fast Lap finely came to Riga and showed how they do it in Lithuania. Our man Tauras Tunyla shared his thoughts on a very hot race day.

When you are in your race car, getting ready for the race, what are you thinking about?


When I’m in a race car, my thoughts are really organized – I’m usually thinking about the correct breathing and a white piece of paper because it helps to relax and concentrate. All the emotions need to be put aside when getting in the race car. Though every time I see a Monster Girl standing in front of me, it gets harder to concentrate!


Favourite way to relax after a stressful and hard day?


Most of my free time I spend longboarding and mountain biking while listening to some drum &bass in my headphones. It really helps to clear my mind and thoughts and organize everything for the upcoming challenges.


Differences between racing in Nemunos Ziedas track and Bikernieku race track?


Bikernieki race track is totally different from our home track in Kaunas. The race car setup for both tracks is really different – in “Nemuno žiedas” track is usually flat out, we need to get as much horsepower out of the engine as possible. Because of the changes of latitude in Lithuania, you must respect the track – it does not accept any mistakes. When racing in Riga, you have to concentrate on the driving technique, because the track is a bit slower, but the corners are really fast and narrow. This track is better for our VW Scirocco GT24 car because it is made for faster mid-speed corners and heavy braking zones.


Talking about the roughness of the Bikernieki race track – the tyres and brake pads are worn more than in Lithuania, so our pit crew has to check these parts more while we are racing there.


Photo gallery from Fast Lap Stage 2 which took place in Bikernieku Track in Riga.

Photos: Lukas Žentalis