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Rakesh, Team Balance Point

Team Balance Point

Jan 092018

What do you get when you combine five talented freestyle bikers from Bangalore, India, some sick stunts and a commitment to proper safety while riding?

You get Team Balance Point, the best stunt biking team in Karnataka and one of the most popular teams throughout all of India. Founded in 2011, Team Balance Point has come a long way in a relatively short period of time. The bikers have performed their stunts before thousands at some of the country’s top colleges, such as the Global Academy of Technology (GAT) and Advanced Management College (AMC). The squad is also the first India-based stunt biking team to have performed at International Corporate’s India campus, giving a taste of their freestyle prowess to the corporate, working world.

The five-some is made up of Zahid, the founder and team manager, Rakesh, Rafi, Assasin and Aftab. Each add their own unique element to Team Balance Point in addition to being accomplished and experienced freestyle riders.


Though Team Balance Point is able to perform some truly amazing stunts, one unique thing about the group is its commitment to safety. The group won’t perform or condone any stunts that take place on public roadways, as they see this as a nuisance to the public. Team Balance Point also puts a great deal of emphasis on safe stunt riding and won’t support any tricks that are performed without the proper training or safety precautions in place. Stunt biking is a dangerous, extreme sport, so anything that can be done to make it safer can always help move the sport forward.


With a Facebook following of about 103,000 fans, Team Balance Point isn’t a secret in the India freestyle biking scene. And with the tricks the group performs and its ever-expanding audience, it may be just a matter of time before they're recognized worldwide.