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Team DFG - Stunt Riding

Team DFG chat with Monster Energy around Stunt Riding in India

May 042020

Stunt riding as a sport has mostly been associated with rebels and thrill seekers. In India the sport is gaining popularity and coming into the limelight. These are some stunt riders who are breaking records with their crazy stunts on the streets and at different events. Team DFG is one such group - based out of Kochi, they are known for pulling off some energetic, trick-filled performances.

Amidst the quarantine, we grabbed a chance to get in touch with these monsters and asked them to spill some beans about their monstrous energy. Well, let’s see how they UNLEASH THE BEAST!    

Some glimpses of team dfg

What inspired you to take up stunt riding?

One day we went to see a paddy field dirt race in our city and came across a rider who after winning the race popped a wheelie as a victory gesture for the spectators - the viewers were so thrilled that they requested him to do it again and again. The wheelies, even though were small and short, made the spectators go crazy, That inspired us and then we started practicing. A lot of people demotivated us by saying only big superbikes were capable- we practiced, unlocked wheelies, and that is when the journey started.

Team DFG in Action

How do you prepare for your stunts?

Regular practice is KEY; second is maintaining our motorcycles in best conditions. We practice together and work more on coordination and new tricks which are called combos - just like a dance choreography. We have a choreographed trick list when we perform.

What energises you?

Passion and love for the sport definitely energises us. At end of the day, the big cheer for each live performance from the spectators, fans and friends fuels up our energy.

Do you have a pre stunt performance ritual that you follow?

We huddle up, of course! We connect with each other and say our prayers, cause this sport is like walking on a thread, anything could happen any moment.

Which is your favourite stunt?

We call it TEAM COMBO. That one full coordinated power tricks where each rider does a different trick but in the centre of the stunt arena. It includes wheelie burnouts and acrobatics, all together.

Any advice to all youngsters who want to take up stunt riding

Stunt riding is like another motorsport but in India we do not have competitions or championships yet. All we have are Stunt shows for different brands. So if someone is really passionate and ready to respect the sport, one can always start in a safe manner practicing or on safe and empty grounds, with proper safety gears and pro riders guidance. But it should not be just for showing it off on roads or in public places or in colleges campus.
You can follow Team DFG on Instagram - can also join the Monster Army in India with the hashtag #Monsterenergyindia