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Photos of Monster Energy Pro Gaming Team - EnVyUS CS:GO done by Monster Energy Employee Victor Carapcea - Monster Energy Romania Team Leader

Team EnVyUs wins Gfinity CS:GO Invitational

Sep 272016

After a seven-month long dry streak, Team EnVyUs have finally bucked the weight on their shoulders. This weekend, at the Gfinity CS:GO Invitational, the French all-stars took home the gold for the first time with their new lineup.

With their confidence bolstered by a strong 4th place showing at Dreamhack last week, NV had a strong mindset as they arrived in England. Dominant performances against both Gambit and Heroic had shown that the Frenchmen had improved their team cohesion in a large way. NV had attacked their deficiencies head-on with a strong practice regimen and dedicated bootcamps. As soon as the weekend’s matches started, the practice was paying off.

In their first set against Epsilon, Team EnVyUs simply tore apart the young Swedes. Despite being a relatively unknown quantity to many Tier 1 teams, Epsilon have been making waves in the Tier 2 realm for quite some time. The all-Swedish squad have improved at a rapid pace, thanks to their star rifler dolpan. However, NV came prepared and played an aggressive, all out strategy against the Swedes. The Frenchmen started things with a 16-5 win on Mirage and never let Epsilon gain momentum of the set. The Frenchmen all put up impressive individual performances, with Devil scoring an ace on Cache to win the map and an impressive clutch 4K on Nuke.