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Photos of Team Liquid playing in ESL ONE Birmingham. They placed 7th/8th this event.

Team Liquid GH: “There are no heroes that are completely bad.”

Aug 192019

We talk with Team Liquid’s Position 4 player, GH, about performance and how he feels about the games at TI9 so far!


What was the biggest surprise of the tournament so far?

I wouldn’t say that they’re performing better than anyone thought they would (everyone thought they would do well), but I think OG was still a surprise. They’re playing really good and have some really good ideas that they’re all applying together which makes them look really good. I’m fascinated by their playstyle. Also, Wisp is one of my favorite heroes but I rarely get to play it so I was interested to see how they treated the hero itself. I was impressed how good Ana played it.

106 heroes were picked/banned in Day 1 of the tournament — does that make you feel happy because the hero pool is big or is it challenging because you don’t know all of the matchups as well?

I think it’s both. We do think about the matchups frequently and we exploit this advantage as much as we can. Whenever we think of the heroes, we think that all of the heroes are viable. There are no heroes that are completely bad. In certain situations, even a “bad” hero could look good because it’s a good game for the hero.

How has your role evolved as a position 4 player since your TI7 win?

Well, every position 4 on each team has a different role. There’s no common truth among us. It’s more like the position 4 is the person that supports the cores but can transition into a core himself if he has a good game. For me it’s playing around my teammates and if I see that the opportunity fits, I transition into becoming a core myself.

How are you preparing your Bo1 match?

Best of 1’s are sometimes really random so you can’t prepare for it as efficiently as you would a Best of 3. But we will just try to stick to our comfort zone and whatever we believe the right way is to go. So, strategy or hero-wise we just think about what will suit us and go for it.

When you guys had a rough group stage, when things aren’t going according to plan, how do you mentally reset and move on?

Sometimes things can get rough, especially after a loss or two. But it’s always the skill of the players and the team to know how to reset because resetting is one of the most impactful skills that a team can have. Not having your emotions get in the way and cloud your vision of the game is crucial to Dota. So we try to take a step back and try to rethink the game, rethink what went wrong, and think about what could have gone better. Basically a lot of in-game stuff and trying to reset our emotions.

Is there any activity you like to do in order to regain that focus after a series?

I love listening to music. Some Dota players like to go for a smoke, but that’s not my thing. However, going outside to get some fresh air is really good. Just walking around a bit, getting some exercise, and going out to breathe some fresh air before going back in with a new fresh brain.

Where do you want to see TI next?

Ideally, the Philippines or Russia — either would be really cool. I wasn’t playing professionally when the Manila Major happened, and I want to experience that. I heard from my teammates that Manila was one of the best tournaments ever and it would be incredible for me to play TI there.

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