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Photos of Team Liquid CSGO in Birmingham, England at Wembly Arena for the ECS Season 5 Finals

Team Liquid’s New Groove

Feb 142019

2018 could have been the year of Liquid.

They had all the tools needed to make it happen and they did hit new peaks in terms of performance. But they had the misfortune of hitting new heights at the same time as one of the most dominant lineups in the history of the game, Astralis. Despite the respectable yet frustrating status of perennial silver medalists, Team Liquid held it together and kept on trying, not giving up in the face of what seemed insurmountable. Eventually, at the turn of the year, a lineup change was in order as Epitácio “TACO” De Melo wished to reunite with his former Brazilian teammates. 

Thus, Liquid incorporated Jake “Stewie2K” Yip into the squad. The move has been scrutinized and weighed in all possible dimensions, as is customary and especially given that Team Liquid was a top three team throughout 2018. More importantly, one can simply look at what Stewie brings to the table and be optimistic for the future. One of the top North American players, Stewie grants Liquid an additional playmaker, capable of fitting multiple roles depending on the situation and packing firepower that few NA players can offer. 


He’s proved himself as a solid AWPer, a cream of the crop site-anchor on multiple bomb sites, a scary entry-fragger when spearheading the offense, and a support or lurker type of player in certain configurations. Simply put, it’s wild how versatile Stewie can be — a true jack of all trades who, in short, is up there with some of the best in many of these categories. As Liquid revolves around players that can switch roles, and a coherent squad that can morph itself dynamically in order to adapt to a situation or direct the pace of the game, this is a perfect fit.

This Liquid lineup is still relatively fresh, but already claimed one big scalp in 2019, and none other than those of their nemesis of late, Astralis. At iBuyPower Masters in January, they managed to take down the best team in the world in a best of three after a long string of second place exits to the Danes. While the tournament wasn’t played in the best conditions, this still helps Liquid climb back in their head to head record and can only help build their confidence — Astralis aren’t unbeatable.


One can be optimistic about this change, which might have been the spark that will give Liquid the edge over the rest of the competition. Exactly like the one Astralis made a year ago.