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Sam Reynolds - GoPro Spinny Run Loosefest XL

The Best from Loosefest XL

Jul 222019

The 2019 edition of Loosefest, fittingly dubbed Loosefest XL, brought to life one of the biggest courses freeride mountain biking has ever seen. Big jump mastermind and dirt sculptor Nico Vink and his dream team delivered on all fronts, dropping everyone's jaws as they emerged from the woods and onto the course for the first time last week.

Take a look at all the best moments of the week right here!

The Young and the Fearless


UK Young gunner Kade Edwards pulled up to his first Loosefest ever and went absolutely mental, throwing the biggest shapes over the XL sized jumps and turned quite a few heads with his powerful and fearless style. Another young gun who brought the fire USA’s Jaxson Riddle, who absolutely charged at a 110% every time he dropped in. The kids are alright!

The Whip Workshop


Sam Reynolds & Clemens Kaudela: Sam and Clemens put in more laps than anyone during the week, lacing top-to-bottoms every time with their consistent and buttery smooth style. Also pushing the boundaries on how close you can get in the air on a couple of wild trains.


Remy Morton: Remy brought the fire, conquering his demons and just made everything look so damn good. From charging the hip with his signature lazy one handers and just generally stoking out everyone up every time he dropped in for a lap.


The bigger the jumps, the bigger the risk...


Loosefest XL took no prisoners and unfortunately defeated a few of the boys during the course of the week. These crashes were seriously no joke, we’re just stoked the boys who did go down are in good spirits and on the road to recovery. Stay tuned for the highlights edit...


Adolf Silva - Broken femur

Damon Iwanaga - Broken collar bone

Szymon Godziek- Dislocated shoulder

Tom Reynolds- Massive OTB 

Flippin' Mental


Connor Macfarlen brought some of the biggest flips on the second 95 footer. Then later on in the week one upping himself with a flip tuck which completely shut down the whole park! Kaos Seagrave also didn't shy from getting upside down on the big hits, sending a huge flip on the hip mid train!

Dealing the Speed with Mayhem Media


Mayhem Media brought his particular brand of crazy to the Loosefest madness and instigated a Speed Dealing contest on the mega berm. With speeds already totalling over 70km in the top half of the course, the riders dropped over the wild 100 foot Step-down, where the King of Speed was Remy Morton who topped speeds of 75kph going into a negative 90 degree angle basically sideways. Pure adrenaline? We think so...

Mega Train: Sam Reynolds, Andreu Lacondeguy & Theo Erlangsen in tow on the big bottom hip.