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Ghost Ryderz, a professional stunt biking team of about 30 members that's been performing since 2007. Used as ambassadors for India Monster launch

The Big List of Stunts

Dec 082018

Since 2002, Monster Energy has been no stranger when it comes to supporting or sponsoring extreme events. Whether it be electronic sports, motocross, or skateboarding, Monster Energy has been the fuel that keeps athletes moving forward and competing to the best of their ability. So, in continuation of this mantra, it should come as no surprise that Monster Energy India is behind superior stunt riders such as the Ghost Ryderz, Team Balance Point, HTRZ, Team DFG, and Outlawz. So what kind of stunts will these athletes be pulling off? Well, it's time you become accustomed to the lingo so that you understand the true difficulty of the tricks they're pulling off.

The Tricks 

There are two significant categories for their tricks: endos and wheelies. Such tricks you'll see these professionals pull off and make look easy are:


 - The One-Handed Superman Wheelie is when someone is performing a one-handed wheelie and has their legs off of the pegs. From here, the individual lays their stomach down on the gas tank and has their legs splayed out behind them. Sometimes, the rider will flick off the camera as they remain in the Superman pose.


- A Lazy-E Boy Wheelie is when an individual sit over the handlebars and lays back on the gas tank. Also, the rider isn't looking at the road as they perform this trick.


- A Fender Grab Stoppie is known as a one-handed stoppie in which the rider performs an endo and reaches over the front of the bike and grabs the front fender.


- A Tail Grab Stoppie is known as a stoppie performed with one hand (the left one) that is holding onto the tail of the bike.