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Images and video from Baggsy's Driftenberg project

The Driftenberg Project

Nov 212018

48.9883° N, 9.7070° E, a.k.a Fichtenberg. A chocolate box village in the evergreen and sleepy rolling hills of south-western Germany. Arguably not the first place you’d expect to spot a fire-breathing drift car…

Enter our resident tyre slayer Steve Baggsy Biagioni, and his absolutely brutal 7.4 litre turbocharged #LSXR35. A mind-bending mix of Japanese metal, and custom American muscle; Baggsy’s 1,200bhp ride has stunned fans the world over since it first burst on to the scene in mid-2017.

From Goodwood to BattleDrift 2, the campaign of shock and awe brought on by this race-fuel fed beast is true sight to behold. Now, Baggsy, and his menacing GT-R, have claimed another victim. Tearing up the asphalt around the headquarters of St Suspensions, Baggsy and his #LSXR35 lay waste to the tarmac as well as the huge 20-inch tyres bolted to his epic machine, purely for your viewing pleasure.

“Im super excited to release The Driftenberg Project”, explained Baggsy. “The idea for the project was devised by the guys and girls at ST Suspension, and the #LSXR35 was definitely the car for the job. Having the opportunity to tear up a disused warehouse complex in the German town of Fichtenberg was awesome."

“All the locals came out to watch the filming. I took the Mayor out for a ride along too, it was pretty mad! We wanted to make a smoke and fire fuelled edit, with loads of action. I’m stoked with the end result. And who knows, maybe we will be back for more…”

Enough talk. Sit back, hit play and enjoy…