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Evil Geniuses @ TI6

The International 6 Match Preview - Evil Geniuses vs Digital Chaos

Aug 132016

E vil Geniuses have a hit a familiar snag once again. After an incredible run in the Upper Bracket, the returning International champions fell to Wings Gaming 0-2 in the Upper bracket finals. The Boys in Blue put up a valiant fight, but ultimately fell to the incredible young talent from China. However, this is not cause for concern. This is a situation familiar to Evil Geniuses. Last year, after steamrolling through their competition, EG were defeated in the Upper Bracket Final by dark horses CDEC, only to meet them in grand finals and win the whole tournament.

EG fell to Wings’ intense laning phase and strong midgame teamfight presence. The Americans drafted a strong, but particular lineup. ppd’s selections were strong, but relied on EG’s ability to get a strong start and deny Wings any ability to get a solid amount of farm. Instead, the Chinese team was able to hit key item timings and layer on early aggression to shut down the North American hopefuls. In the second match, EG made things far closer. SumaiL demonstrated his strong farming abilities on Alchemist, with Fear putting on an equally strong performance on Anti Mage. EG were able to take a significant kill lead early on, but Wings transitioned into an objective focused gameplan and were able to force EG into poor defenses, and closed out the set 2-0.