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Fnatic @ TI6

The International 6 Match Preview - Fnatic vs Digital Chaos

Aug 122016

History is unfolding in front of audiences. As of now, Fnatic have made the deepest run of any team that has started in the Lower Bracket in the history of The International. Following their successful bout against MVP.Phoenix, Fnatic are sitting at a guaranteed fourth place finish, taking home at least 1.4 million dollars. But, as Fnatic have proven all week long, they refusal to settle for anything less than perfection. After going a perfect 7-0 in bracket thus far, Fnatic will face off against Digital Chaos for a guaranteed 3rd place finish and a shot at 2.1 million dollars.

Fnatic’s bout against MVP is perhaps the textbook way of dealing against an aggressive team. In the first game, 343 read MVP’s draft and was able to predict the emphasis MVP placed on early momentum. As a result, Fnatic simply did the Dota equivalent of hanging the ropes. Whenever MVP tried to destroy a tower, take Roshan, or initiate a teamfight, Fnatic would contest. Even if they would lose a single member or take significant damage, all that mattered was stopping MVP’s lineup from getting online. Once Fnatic’s more lategame oriented lineup reached adequate farm, the SEA champs were able to rapidly turn on aggression of their own and quickly tore through the now anemic MVP.