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Fnatic @ TI6

The International 6 Match Preview - Fnatic vs MVP Phoenix

Aug 122016

Fnatic are on fire. The SEA Champions have astounded fans and critics alike with their phenomenal run thus far. After faltering in group stages, Fnatic have exceeded all expectations with their incredible results. Mushi and his team of Malaysian and Filipino all stars have worked their way through Europe’s top talent, having won 3 straight sets without dropping a single game, all while having the threat of elimination hanging over their heads. The latest to fall before this seemingly unstoppable force were recent European champions, and tournament favorites, Team Liquid.

From the get go of game 1, things looked good for Fnatic. Mushi drafted an aggression friendly lineup, with multiple opportunities to initiate onto Liquid. Ohaiyo and 343 utilized this to a great degree, rotating around the map to continually gank Liquid heroes and engage in 2 or 3 man skirmishes. With the momentum firmly in their favor after a strong early game, Fnatic switched to a more objective oriented style of play, cementing their lead in not just kills, but in map positioning and control. Liquid quickly tapped out after realizing that their base had been broken, while Fnatic still had a full ring of Tier 2 towers.