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The International 6 Team Preview - Fnatic

Aug 072016

The defining trait of SEA Dota has always been resiliency. Players push on through the multitude of challenges presented to them: a lack of major sponsors, technical problems of networking, large physical distances between teams, a lack of major LANs. Fnatic channel that spirit of resilience in every game that they play. Chai Yee Fung aka “Mushi” has guided his players through the top tier of competition for years, famously bringing his Orange squad to a top 3 finish at TI2. 

Since their formation into the core roster that they have today, Fnatic have been competing to push the SEA meta onto the world stage. Playing on home turf proved an asset, with the multinational squad securing a 4th place finish at ESL One Manila and a 5th place finish at the Manila Major. Just three weeks ago, Fnatic made a strong run to claim 3rd place at Starladder i-League, after working their way through top Chinese and European teams. 

Fnatic famously constantly rotate their 1 and 2 positions between Mushi and Yeik Zhen Nai aka “MidOne”, a rarity in the professional scene. As a result, Fnatic have one of the deepest overall hero pools of any professional team. Opponents are tricked into hard counter drafts, only to find a role swap once the game begins. Additionally, this allows leeway for Fnatic to draft carries early and then build their supports and strategy around their opponents picks, free from the worry of counter picks. Once in-game, Fnatic play a distinctively interruptive style. Push heavy support lineup, paired with Mushi’s tactical mind, produce uncommon rotation timings, catching their opponents off guard and giving Fnatic quick tower kills. Just as well, Mushi and MidOne will occasionally lane swap to throw enemy carries off their tempo and put a stop to any preset plan of action. 

Fnatic are looking to secure their first grand final appearance at The International. After a string year of building, the timing looks ripe for a strong run in Seattle. They will start their bracket by playing against Escape Gaming today after a group stage finish of 5-9.