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The Alliance at The International 2016

The International 6 Team Preview - The Alliance

Aug 082016

To hell and back. The Alliance have certainly seen the best, and the worst, moments a professional Dota 2 career has to offer. From their world championship title at The International 3 to their failure to even qualify for the group stage of The International 5, the Swedish lineup has experienced the full range of emotions in professional gaming. Comprised of some of the longest serving veterans of Dota 2, The Alliance brings over two decades of combined playing experience to the table. 

After struggling for two years after their triumphant success at TI3, The Alliance have returned to their classic lineup this year. As a result, they have more time playing together as a unit than most teams at TI6 this year. Those thousands of hours spent in-game together have given The Alliance an incredible degree of coordination in their play. While other teams will struggle at times with lane swaps or rotations, The Alliance have a seamless flow to their play. Each movement is simultaneously meticulously calculated and perfectly natural. 

This flow is dictated by the captaining duo of Jonathan “Loda” Berg and Gustav "S4" Magnusson. As one of the most storied players in the history of Dota 2, Loda is the star hard carry player of The Alliance. His diverse hero pool reflects his rich 10-year history in the game. Though his mechanics are occasionally eclipsed by young prodigies, it is not uncommon to see Loda still win his lane through creative positioning, well-timed ganks and innovative item builds. 

Across the map in mid lane, S4 forms the rock of The Alliance. His strong tempo control style sets the pace of the game, forcing the enemy team to follow his lead. By setting the tempo and dictating how the enemy mid may act, S4 creates a wide window for The Alliance to gank, while allowing their opponents only a narrow window of time. The Alliance will be competing in the Upper Bracket following their successful Group Stage run, with a map score of 8-6. Most notably, they swept long time rivals Natus Vincere 2-0, as well as overcoming sister team, returning champions, Evil Geniuses in an exciting 2-0 series. 

The Alliance are in a strong position to have an incredible run in Key Arena.