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ViCi Gaming Reborn Dota 2 team, newly sponsored by Monster Energy

The International 6 Team Preview - ViCi Gaming Reborn

Aug 072016

As a showcase of the world’s best Dota talent, The International also serves as the ultimate proving ground for new teams. The entirety of your early career is simply a buildup to that first appearance on stage in Seattle. This year, the recently formed roster of ViCi Gaming Reborn are facing their first major challenge.

Founded by former members of the core Vici squad, Reborn is a team of young talent, anchored by the veteran support duo Xu “Fy” Linsen and Leong “DDC” Fat-meng. As the Chinese old guard are slowly retiring, this blend of new and old has quickly emerged as the best composition for team success. VG-R were quick to prove this concept with a rapid ascent to the top tier of Chinese teams with multiple high finishes in online Chinese tournaments. When faced with the test of performing on LAN, Wang “Nono” Xin and Zhou “Yang” Haiyang stepped up the the challenge, pushing VG-R onto several top 8 placings, including 3rd place finishes at the Nanyang Championship and Dota 2 Professional League Season 1. Even when faced with having to play with coach Tong “Mikasa” Junjie as a substitute, VG-R were still able to defeat Natus Vincere to take the gold at the Starladder Invitational in April. 

ViCi Gaming Reborn are a team centered around making big plays. While the team has several talented players, Fy chooses to focus their drafts and playbook on wider team strategies. As a result, Mikasa is an uncharacteristically active coach, taking care to talk his players through the game plan and provide support for the newer talent. In fact, Mikasa - formerly of TyLoo and ViCi Gaming - will be standing in for Yang after a visa issue, bringing in even more experience to the team. 

Look for interesting drafts, with an emphasis on initiation heavy and chain stunning lineups, giving VG-R free reign over any fights that break out. This style relies heavily on the shot calling of Mikasa, as well as DDC’s movement around the map to identify enemy movement. While ViCi Gaming Reborn are still rough around the edges, the stage is set for the old guard to usher in a new era with their young teammates. 

VG-R will be facing TNC Gaming today after finishing 4-10 in group stages.