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Lacuna Coil at Etna Comics 2019

The Longevity Recipe: an Interview with Lacuna Coil

Aug 092019

It makes a little sense to introduce the band as popular and sustainable as Lacuna Coil. So we won’t. We’d just say that Italians are giving another mindblowing performance in Ukraine real soon, tearing our very own Monster Stage at Zaxidfest on August 17th. And this is amazing news altogether, knowing that the band has joined the Monster Energy Music family recently. 

We’ve caught up with Andre Ferro to have a little chat prior to LC’s arrival. Below is a conversation on band’s longevity, Ukrainian audience and even Lady Gaga. Looking forward for Saturday!

honesty is something that always pays off

As we are greatly anticipating to hear you live at Zaxid festival this August, is there something you particularly love about festivals compared to solo tours?

These are two very different situations. On a club tour you carry all your gear and production and you have a plenty of time to set it up and sound check to make sure you have the best quality possible. Most probably you will play just for your fans. During festivals you have to use whatever has been possible to provide and line check, most probably coming after a long trip. There would also be a lot of people who are not really familiar with your music. Still, it’s also very fun to play - festivals are all about how much interaction and energy you are able to exchange with the crowd.

Do you find anything special about performing in Ukraine from the experience you had so far?

It seems that people are just there to have a great freaking time with the bands, presenting a very spontaneous and genuine relationship with artists. No bullshit, it’s usually a great time!

What goes down behind the scenes prior to your performances? Any special “rituals”, preparations you do on a regular basis to set the right mood for the concert?

We usually start getting ready one hour prior to stage time. We are getting dressed, applying our makeup, doing some quick warmup. We can sometimes go for a shot of liquor, but not always. Right before we enter the stage, we normally get all together and scream something to relieve the pressure.

You’ve recently celebrated an amazing 20-years anniversary milestone. How has your music and creative approach evolved over this time?

We’ve always been a band on the move and never liked to repeat the same record twice. While growing, we’ve been listening to a lot of different music and we still do listen to a lot of stuff. We want to sound contemporary - our music has to make sense by the day we release it. Still, we do our best to keep the great standard of songwriting. These 20 years have been flying for us, especially because we don’t look back too often. We are definitely different people and artists today but I believe we stick to our original musical roots still. Whatever we play, it’s always gonna sound like Lacuna Coil at this point.

Times do change as well- I believe the industry has overcame the mere level of recording, tours and merchandise etc. What do you think a band has to do now to stay “on the radar” and be successful? What’s your recipe of longevity?

We’ve been lucky and had enough time to build the name and a strong fan base when it was still possible - now it’s really rare to have our kind of longevity. The music business has been changing so much, that it’s really hard to say what’s the right thing to do now. I guess honesty is something that always pays off. If your musical offering comes from an honest place - people will recognize it.

What has been the greatest lesson that you have learned on your own about being a professional musician?

You need to manage yourself right, you don’t have to abuse your body and realize when it’s time to party and when it’s time to relax and stay quiet. Balance is really a thing when you live a couple of months on the road. Staying in the best shape possible is really important.

If you would tour with an artist outside of Heavy Music genres, who would that be and why?

It could be fun to have a tour with Lady Gaga because she seems to have a very rockin’ spirit and she is an amazing performer.

It’s a fact you are quite open to support and promote other bands, which is an all-round great thing to do. Are there any Ukrainian bands you could give a spotlight to now?

The only one I know about is “Jinjer” and they are a pretty good one.

To wrap it up, share with us your favorite Monster drink! Thanks for the answers and see you at Zaxid!

I really like the Monster “Rehab” Lemonade Iced Tea, especially while gaming!

If  you have any question you`d like to address to the band, join us on the Lacuna Coil signature session, taking place next to the Monster Stage at 8PM on August 17th.