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BAtch  of photos at Resurrection Fest 2019 in Viveiro, Spain

The new Monster Energy Band: Brother Till We Die destroy the Main Stage of Resurrection Fest.

Jul 102019

The New Monster Energy band: Brother Till We Die kept the audience in ecstasy during the whole show they gave at the Main Stage of  Resurrection Fest in Galicia.
We had the opportunity to get to know them better and talk a little about their future plans and goals for this 2019.

The first time you played at  #ResurrectionFest was when you won the Battle of Bands contest.

What can you tell us about the whole experience and the reception of the audience during and after?


The battle of bands was one of the most beautiful experiences we have experienced as a band. We present ourselves with the only condition of presenting ourselves only once, and if we didn't win, we will not do it again, since we thought that to get there it would be necessary then to work as a band a lot until we achieve the goal. As soon as we introduced ourselves, people totally turned on us. Shared the posts, voted, invited friends to vote, it was incredible. To add more magic to all this, the Resurrection Fest made a battle of live bands, with 6 bands, of which only 3 could play. We were terrified, but at the concert, a lot of people from Madrid came and helped us to burst that room. People chanted the name of the band during the voting, and that clearly influenced us in making us earn ♥ Thanks to that concert, many people today still listen to us. 

Now you return to the Resurrection Fest, a memorable date as it coincides with the release of the new album?

That's right, it is not chosen randomly. Resurrection Fest got in touch with us and offered us the Mainstage slot vs a Warm Up Party. We have to recognize that in the past, we all prayed that it was a Warm Up Party slot, since the scenario is smaller and imposes less. However, ResurrectionFest gave us the opportunity to improve ourselves and work under pressure. We were very scared, but we are a band that works well under pressure. That is why we decided to put all the chestnuts on the fire and announce that the album would come out that day, and many more surprises!

New album on July 5? How has been the experience of recording this new album together?

Well, the recording has been long and calm. We have previous experiences of other albums where the process was fatiguing, we self-demanded a lot of speed and sometimes when finishing the recording the result was not 100% convincing. This time, we decided to devote to the composition and recording the time that we thought appropriate, and we put aside the issue deadlines etc. We have the help of Eloy de Symmetrical Echoes, a madman of sound, whose only limit is the sky, and he went around and around and around everything. We send you a lot of love from here. We are very proud of the result, especially because we have tried to put things that we normally do not use, and risk a little more.

How would you define your sound? What are your influences?


People usually label us beatdown, but I don't think we're beatdown at all. We have always classified ourselves more as Hardcore-Metal, perhaps pulling more metal. Although we are not much of putting labels on things and we think that whoever wants to put a label on us, while it is for the good, let him do it. If it's true that we have breakdowns and slams, tempo drops, but we also have many dancing rhythms and more and more riffs of influences from other branches of metal and rock, so we really prefer to open the fan a lot and say that we are Hardcore-Metal and let each one let his imagination fly.


 Any personal experience that has marked this album?

Possibly this album is above all marked in the experience of the band of these last two years. Each time we have grown more and touched more outside the home, and this has forced us to spend many more hours together, we have managed to drive without stopping 14 hours, to spend 5 days without showering in the same van, to sleep 10 on the floor of a kitchen. This, in a way, either destroys you or forges you, like an iron chain. We usually travel with Andrés Zazo (@andreszazx), who is the official photographer of the band, and Villena, one of BTWD's best friends. We have spent so many things together, that we have long stopped being friends to be a family. There are so many stories to tell and so many that will remain among us. TTWICBFD is the result of these experiences together of 7 kids on the road.

What do you expect the public's reaction be?

Well, there will be everything, as always. There are two songs in particular (Crystal Knife and Touch These Wounds I came Back from Death) in which we put clean and even a rapped part. That will be people who like it more and people who less. However, and if it is true that we have released several singles and have had a very good reception. Many media are echoing and making reviews, so we are very happy!

Will there be other #BTWD concerts this summer? Where?

We have one more concert in summer, at the Rockstadt Extreme Fest in Romania! and with a lot of desire to visit this country for the first time

And finally ... Are you part of the Monster Energy family, as has been the experience so far?
Well for now it has been a dream. We have been working for a long time with a lot of bureaucracy that is behind us, they are a serious company and it requires patience and emails to leave everything well tied. Our first "frontal clash" with Monster Energy was this Resurrection Fest, since they are the official sponsor of the festival and we had prepared many surprises. We had a record company that was brutal, they recorded the whole concert and they even let us go to the campsite with a car to play music! The experience is great, and all the monster team, from waiters, photographers, management etc have treated us with luxury, we feel blessed!