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Pictures from the MMA tournament WWFC16 in Kharkiv, sponsored by Monster

The results of Kharkiv’s WWFC16: all the silverware stay in Ukraine

Nov 082019

The international MMA tournament WWFC16 took place at Kharkiv’s “Lokomotyv” sports facility. It’s been the first WWFC event in Kharkiv and Monster Energy had a pleasure to support this occasion and please the local audience with the presents and Monster Girls on the venue. That was one evening full of emotions and action - looking forward to see what’s coming in 2020!

Denys Bondar - Kevin Rangel


The 27-year-old Denys Bondar from Kharkiv (9-2) has earned a temporary WWFC champion title in the 57kg weight, dominating the Brazilian. It was supposed that Denys will fight for the world champion title against the Blane O’Driscole, who got a rib injury however, forced to step aside from hexagon in favor of Kevin Rangel. The Brazilian tried to keep Denys on the Distance, taking advantage from his height and arms length. It took a while for him to find the way to Kevin, but Denys performed a clinch after all, bringing the opponent down to the floor. The second round has shown us total domination of the Ukrainian, performing a number of punches agains his rival, which were finalized with a Thai clinch, bringing Kevin down on the floor and making him to surrender under the pressure of the “triangle” lock.



Oleksandr Pletenko - Wilson Junior


The first ever appearance of the famous Kharkiv MMA representative Oleksadr Pletenko under the auspices of the WWFC, has marked with the acquiring of the league’s world champion title in the weight up to 61kg, even though failing the weighing and entering the hexagon with decreased points. The 25-year-old has took an aggressive position, dropping Wilson on the floor every now and then, taking over the dominance in the cage. The fight has lasted for the full 5 rounds, resulting in the judge decision in favor of Oleksandr.

WWFC16 full results


Main Card


Denys Bondar (Ukraine) - SBM 2 (chocking lock) - Kevin Rangel (Brazil)


Oleksandr Pletenko (Ukraine) - UD 5 (judge decision) - Wilson Junior (Brazil)


Alaa Mansur (Egypt) - SBM 2 (pain lock) - Oleksiy Pasuga (Ukraine)


Oleg Khachaturov (Ukraine) - KO 1 (nock-out) - Belek Aliev (Kyrgyzstan)


Preliminary Card


Georgi Kubejashvili (Georgia) - UD 3 (judge decision) - Sergiy Radchenko (Ukraine)


Mykhaio Shabliy (Ukraine) - TKO 1 (techical nock-out) - Maxym Stoianov (Ukraine)


Volodymyt Baryshev (Ukraine) - UD 3 (judge decision) - Vladyslav Kaluta (Ukraine)


Kateryna Shakalove (Ukraine) - SBM (chocking lock) - Daria CHybisova (Ukraine)


Early Prelims


Andriy Korolov (Ukraine) - TKO 1 (technical nock-out) - Roman Vyborniy (Ukraine)


Yevhen Zavgorodniy (Ukraine) - SBM 2 (chocking lock) - Anatoliy Havrylov (Ukraine)