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This is  images from The Street Series Event in Moscow

The Street Series in Moscow

Aug 042017

Watch out, Moscow! It’s BMX DAY.

On July 22nd riders from all around the planet celebrated the Worlds BMX day. This year Moscow BMX community didn’t stay aside and spent their holiday in their favorite way with mad tricks on rad spots.    

This time, Moscow’s BMX day became a part of the international Street Series event! From the early morning till midnight over three hundred of riders were cruising through the Capital’s streets with Black Monster BMX athletes Irog and Max Bespaliy. The crowed stopped at the most unusual street spots, and held  cash for tricks jams.   

“The Street series – are all about BMX... Moscow had never seen soo many riders at once. And it’s awesome to be a part of it.<br>”

Max Bespaliy:

The Street series – are all about BMX,  full of fun, craziest tricks and the unique atmosphere of a huge number of riders united by passion for their favorite sport, destroying the average mood of the city streets.

I’m completely stoked over what is happening here. Moscow had never seen soo many riders at once. And it’s awesome to be a part of it.

There were so many of us, that in some places we’ve blocked the traffic. I'm very impressed with the tricks that guys showed, using maximum of creativity and talent.


Igor Bespaliy:

Year after year we’ve watched how The Street Series gather crowds of BMXers in many countries. And I'm very happy that this year riders in Russia could join the event. This is a great chance to celebrate the BMX Day with  all of your friends cruising down the streets. The emotions you get from it are hard to explain. Comparing to lasts year BMX Day, a lot more people came. Guys from other towns  and cities joined us. They were ripping spot after spot. All of YOU MADE THIS DAY!