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Evil Geniuses new Dota 2 roster playing in Beyond the Summit 6. Result: 4th place

The Summit 6 Preview - Evil Geniuses

Nov 162016

As the Boston Major approaches, there is one more major tournament for teams to iron out their strategies and polish their lineups to perfection. As teams descend on LA for The Summit 6, expectations are high for the kings of North American Dota, Evil Geniuses. Two time winners at The Summit, EG are in a strong position with their newest lineup. After the post-International shuffle, EG found themselves in a transition period. After losing long time core members, and captains, Fear and ppd, the team was faced with the need to look to the future. After weeks of speculation, the Boys in Blue announced that former star midlaner Arteezy would return, albeit in the role of hard carry, as well as picking up the young prospect Cr1t.

In a sense, this is a return to form for EG. Arteezy represents a newer, fresher version of Fear: a mechanically skilled carry with one of the widest hero pools in the world. Arteezy’s hero pool, as well as his comfort in transitioning into a more tempo control style - influenced by his time as a midlaner - make him a threat for any offlane team to deal with. Cr1t, while still a relatively fresh face to the competitive Dota scene, is a brilliant player with an immense amount of raw talent. He plays a style of support similar to ppd: selfless, roaming, and objective oriented. His goal is to keep pressure on the enemy team in small, but significant ways. His ability to make clutch plays has been a key to success during his time on OG.