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Electronic Game Show Mexico City 2017

The Ultimate Gaming Essentials

Dec 132018

Becoming the ultimate gamer requires putting in the hard yards. Whether you’re a PC, Xbox or PS4 addict, by adapting these four key mantras, plus a range of essential tools, you can set yourself up to be the next pro gamer.

Ditch the fear
If you never try, you’ll never know. Don’t let the difficulty setting deter you and keep pushing through. Where’s the fun without a challenge? Push yourself a little each time and enjoy the process. At the end of the day, play for fun but keep chipping away at your gaming goals.

Be committed
They say practice makes perfect, and this applies to gaming. Challenge your mates, your siblings, your cousin – whoever. Most importantly, take on other gamers of all levels. Playing with more experienced players will enhance your performance and teach you new strategies to try for yourself.

Don’t get stuck in the comfort zone of always playing with people at or below your own level – this can hold you back more than anything. You’ll find real confidence putting yourself outside of your comfort zone, learning more advanced players’ tricks and eventually mastering these skills to win the match!

Keep in the mindset
Stay focused, head in the game! With so many devices available it’s easy to hit pause for a quick Instagram stalk, flick to Snapchat and then head over to Youtube, all which is going to take your mental energy away from the task at hand. When you’re a die-hard gamer, it can be hard to step away from the controller. While we do recommend breaks to recharge, we have a few tips on how you can improve your focus.

  • Sit up straight - make sure you find a comfortable place to sit with good posture and both feet flat on the ground to boost your energy.
  • Check your nutrition status. If you’re not giving both your body and brain the correct fuel, your concentration can majorly plunge!
  • Hit aeroplane mode on those devices or flick over to silent. You might just be a small moment away from unlocking a new level when there’s a ding on the iPad, a sure way to distract your focus.


Don’t be fazed by trolls
There are lots of sore losers out there. Don’t be enraged by a gamer with a bad attitude. Focus on your own wins, both big and small.

Trolls often want attention and our best tactic is to ignore as much as possible. Don’t provide a platform for the game control warrior! Instead, why not aim to create a fun online community of like-minded supporters. Those who are great to play support you and are there for a good time, just like yourself.