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Monster athletes compete in the 2015 Quiksilver pro surf comp.

This Way In

Oct 032016

Location, Location, Location There isn’t a stop on tour that offers variety quite like the Quiksilver Pro France. One day you’ll wake up to 2-foot wind slop and the next you’ll be greeted with 10-foot, offshore barrels that look like they belong on Oahu’s North Shore. It keeps the surfers on their toes (which are sore, from lugging around so many boards for so many waves). Which is to say if you’re in Southwest France and don’t like the waves today, relax. Grab a baguette and a bottle of wine. Sit by the shore and enjoy the finer things while the sand shifts, the winds change and the swell rises and falls. Tomorrow is a whole new day. The Quikislver Pro France waiting period runs from October 4 – 15. France is nine hours ahead of California, so whether you stay up late or wake up early, you can cheer on the Monster team at

Monster Threats

John Florence: If there is a wave John Florence can’t surf, we haven’t seen it. He is the world’s most capable surfer in waves 2- to 25-feet, which bodes well for him in France’ dynamic conditions. (It doesn’t hurt that he’s won here before, either.)

Filipe Toledo: This man loves him some beachbreak, an imperfect canvas for him to splatter loud bursts of shred. If the waves are small, the contest is his to lose.

Conner Coffin: Think Conner’s just a pointbreak guy? Au contraire! The French beachies are not dissimilar to those he surfs in Ventura, so don’t be surprised if Conner looks right at home among the shifting peaks.

Miguel Pupo: Right now, Miggy is just one spot shy of requalification. Worried? We’re not. Miggy likes to flirt with the line, but he always closes.


3 Questions

1.What about the world title race? So glad you asked. Our boy John Florence is currently ahead of Gabriel Medina by 4,200 points. Both are strong in the final three events. It’s going to be close!

2.What about the ladies? They’ll be surfing, too. Can Tyler Wright secure her first world title in Europe? Stay tuned…

3.Gimme that forecast. Like we said, the waves here change on a dime. But as of now it looks small and rippable through the first part of the waiting period.