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Filipe Toledo wins the 2015 Quilsilver Pro Gold Coast

This Way In

Mar 092017

OK, it might be time for the contest organizers to reconsider the timing of the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast. For the third year in a row the East Coast of Australia was as good as it gets the week before the annual CT season opener. Oh, nature, you cruel jokester! But it’s fine. This is the pistol shot for a marathon, not a sprint, so what’s one little flat spell to start the year? And anyway, there are no bad days on the Goldy. The weather is so agreeable it’s almost hypnotizing. The sand looks like snow (warm snow). The water is stunning and so are the people on the beach. It’s a fresh year in a familiar place, and there’s nowhere we’d rather be. The waiting period for the 2017 Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast and Roxy Pro Gold Coast extend from March 14 – March 25. Tune in to to watch the action!

Monster Threats

John Florence: You probably heard about that cute lil world title he won last year, right? Well, that’s given him some confidence and removed some pressure. Can he keep the yellow jersey through first event? 

Filipe Toledo: He made it to the finals here last year, only to be sidelined with an injury during the last heat. Now he’s healthy. He’s hungry. And he’s looking to show that John’s not the only Monster team rider capable of winning a world title.

Miguel Pupo: Miggy’s coming into the first event of the year with some familial motivation! With a kid on the way, he’s knows that every heat made means more diapers for Minnie Mig. Consider the fire ignited.

Conner Coffin: While Conner’s freshman season on tour had a bumpy start, he regained his footing and made the final of the Rip Curl Pro Portugal last year, reminding the world — and himself — that he very much belongs here. 

Owen Wright: He’s back! After a traumatic brain injury sidelined him from competition in 2016, Owen has made an inspiring recovery and is putting the jersey on to pick up where he left off in 2015.

Frederico Morais: Carrying momentum from a strong Triple Crown campaign, the Portuguese Prince looks to make a strong first impression in his debut as a full-time CT competitor. Welcome to the big leagues, Fred!


3 Questions

  • And the ladies? We would never forget about our girl, Tyler Wright! With a world title under her belt (yes, Monster had the sweep in 2016) and big-brother back in her corner, Tyler has every reason to be on cloud nine going into the Roxy Pro Gold Coast. 
  • I’ve got a $100. Who should I bet on to win the world title? It’s so early to say! Smart money’s on John John because, you know, he has no flaws. But Filipe is so strong in the small stuff he’d be a good wager as well. 
  • What’s a trend I should be watching out for? Old vs. New. This will likely be the last year for a few tour veterans, so they’re looking to go out on top, while the new crop looks to prove themselves against some legends of the sport. Should be interesting.