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Monster athletes compete in the 2017 This Way In, Oi Rio Pro in Saquarema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This Way In

May 082017

Welcome to the Oi Rio Pro, where names can be deceiving because, Toto — you’re not in Rio anymore. Due to poor water quality and inconsistent surf, the WSL opted to move from Rio’s Barra Da Tijuca to the suburb town of Saquarema, about two hours east of the big city. So things will be a little quieter on land, but just as loud in the water. Are you listening? The surfing sounds like Samba.

The waiting period for the Oi Rio Pro is from May 9 - 20. Rio is four hours ahead of America’s West Coast, so set those pre-dawn alarm clocks and tune in to, because we’re going to get off to an early start.

Monster Threats

John John Florence: He’s world No. 1 by 3,800 points, surfing better than ever and feels “relaxed.” So, yeah, we’d say he’s a threat.

Filipe Toledo: Filipe shook off his 25th at Snapper with a third and a fifth at Margies and Bells, and is returning home to an event he’s won before. We expect Filipe to final in Saquarema.

Owen Wright: Owen is now equal-second in the world, and looks to Saquarema for the opportunity to showcase his forehand for the first time this year.

Conner Coffin: We think people will be pleasantly surprised by Conner’s backside in Saquarema. Yeah, he’s known for that forehand hammer, but his backhand power drill is just as useful.

Miguel Pupo: Miguel just welcomed his first child, Luna, into the world. (Congrats, Miggy!) He’ll enjoy some quality family support and a rippable left back home in Brazil.

Frederico Morais: Coming off a career-best fifth at Bells, Portuguese Frederico looks to harness that momentum to conquer Brazil like his ancestors. Competitively speaking, of course.

Tyler Wright: She finished third at Bells and sits third in the world, so Tyler wright is ready to get back on that podium and leap frog over Sally and Steph.


3 Questions

1. What’s the forecast look like? Head high and clean the first couple of days, with more swell forecast later in the waiting period.

2. Is this a new wave for competitors? No. The CT-surfers competed here until 2011, and QS-warriors have been surfing here for the past five years. Advantage rookies?

3. What is “Oi” and why does it have a Rio Pro? It means “hello,” and is also the name of a telecommunications business in Brazil. They sponsor the event.