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WSL Drug Aware Pro 2016 Margaret


Apr 052016

Location, Location, Location This is the final stop on the Australian leg and we’re moving on over Down Under. Over to Margaret River, Western Australia — home of the creatively-named Main Break and The Box, two waves that call upon very different skillsets. Open-ocean power surfing and critical barrel riding, leg-burning long rides and heart-in-your-throat intensity. It takes an aggressive, well-rounded pony to succeed in the Wild West and lucky for us, we’ve got a few in our stable. The waiting period for the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro is from April 8 – 19. But as a reminder for those watching from the USA, tune in on the afternoon of April 7 to see if they’re running, as West Oz is 18 hours ahead of the East Coast, 15 ahead of the West. Root our boys and girl on at

Monster Threats

John Florence: He finished runner-up last year and is looking to do one better in 2016. The rawness of the ocean in West Oz resembles John’s Hawaiian home, and favors him greatly.

Conner Coffin: Well, well, well — look who came out guns blazing in the first two events! Conner had stellar performances in the first stops on tour, and he’ll come to Margarets looking to extend an already hefty lead in the rookie of the year race. 

Miguel Pupo: If you’re rooting for Miggy, root for the event to be held at Main Break. The Box is tough for goofyfoots, while Main Break suits Miguel’s powerful, drawn-out lines.

Tyler Wright: Tyler enters Margarets second in the world, and as one of the strongest women on tour, will be a favorite to take the win and stake claim on that yellow jersey.


3 Questions

1. Did you say rookie of the year? Good catch! While Conner Coffin is well on his way to claiming the prestigious freshman title, he’s also sitting No. 2 in the world, so he’s very much in the discussion for the world title. [Sniffle] We’re so proud.

2. What will the surfers’ Instagrams look like? Kangaroos, wineries and the great wide open.

3. How’s the forecast? It looks OK, but really, who can even tell anymore? The Indian Ocean has a way of making waves whenever it damn well pleases.