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A Monster Energy Preview of the 2017 Corona J-Bay Open

This Way In

Jul 102017

Location, Location, Location

Those whipping offshore winds and freight training rights. Sharks in the water and lions on land. Africa is truly where the wild things are, and that’s where we’ll be next week for the Corona J-Bay Open. The lone CT event on the African continent has long been a favorite of tour surfers — a chance to reconnect with the raw energy of the Motherland while shredding one of the most flawless waves Mother Ocean has to offer. It also marks the halfway point of the season, and wouldn’t you know it, there’s a world title race that’s narrower than the J-Bay paddle out keyhole. Things are getting wild indeed!

The waiting period for the J-Bay Open is July 12 – 23. South Africa is nine hours ahead of the west coast, so plan your days and nights accordingly and log on to to watch the action unfold.


Monster Threats

Conner Coffin: There isn’t an event better suited for Conner’s surfing than J-Bay. Ever see his video, Highline? Google it. Watch it. Then put your money on CC.

Owen Wright: He’s sitting third in the world and within arm’s length of the yellow jersey — and Owen has really long arms. Grab it, O!

Filipe Toledo: Back from his Fiji timeout and ready to misbehave again, this time on the waves. If it’s small, he will be unstoppable.

Miguel Pupo: A goofyfoot hasn’t won this event since Occy in 1984. Miggy wasn’t even born then. Time to break the regularfoot streak, Miguel.

Frederico Morais: Freddy’s approach can most aptly be described as “solid,” so if the waves are too, then this Portuguese rookie will shine.


3 Questions

What about the girls? In one of the worst trade offs in surfing history, the girls surf at Huntington Beach instead of J-Bay…sigh…Huntington Beach.

What about sharks? It’s the ocean, so they’re there. But drones, boats and Jet Skis will be on hyper alert, so as to avoid another Mick Fanning Situation.

How’s the forecast look? Like there will be a few great days. And because this is a boy’s-only event, a few days is all they’ll need.