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This Way In

Mar 112018

Location, Location, Location

It’s like the first day of school! Old faces and new faces from far and near places. The chalkboard is blank and the opportunities are endless. If you smell something in the air, well, that’s hope. (Or sunscreen — could be sunscreen.) Such is the scene each year for the opening event of the WSL Championship Tour, as the world’s best men and women compete in the warm, sandy point break that is Snapper Rocks, in Coolangata, Queensland, Australia. It’s a beautiful thing, the start of a long year. Everyone is tied for first, and all they have to do is stay there.

The waiting period for the 2018 Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast and Roxy Pro Gold Coast extends from March 10 – March 22. Tune in to to watch the action!

Monster Threats
Filipe Toledo: Filipe and Snapper go together like feijoada and farofa, and Filipe is feeling hungry. The 2018 world title campaign begins here.
Conner Coffin: Conner requalified just by the hair of his chinny chin chin, and now he’s looking to huff and puff and blow the tour down. Get ‘em, CC!
Owen Wright: Monster’s highest ranked male surfer won this event last year, with powerful backside hooks that mesmerized the judges. He’s healthy, he’s happy, and he’s looking for another podium finish.
Frederico Morais: Freddy had a solid freshman year, finishing in the top-16. Now he’s got his eyes on the top-10, and his campaign begins at Snapper.
Griffin Colapinto: Don’t expect Griffin to buckle beneath some freshman hazing. He won the QS. He won the Triple Crown. He has the momentum, and he’s fearless. Expect big things at Snapper, and this year.
Tyler Wright: Welcome back, Champ. Tyler won her second consecutive world title last year but, well, “threepeat” just has such a nice ring to it.

3 Questions
1. How’s the forecast? It’s looking like there will be some decent surf to kick off the season early in the waiting period. Not all time, but very contestable.
2. What’s this about tour changes? There are a couple tour switch ups — adding Bali and Kelly’s wave pool — but the big ones will come next year.
3. Monster bets? Filipe and Tyler for world titles, Griffin for Rookie of the Year.