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John John Florence surfs in Tahiti.

This Way In

Aug 182016

Location, Location, Location - When the creator of the universe was looking to make heaven on earth, he chose to shape it in the form of a South Pacific island and name it “Tahiti.” Crystal clear lagoons meet beautiful beaches meet lush jungles meet green mountains, towering proud thousands of feet above the water. And if you stood atop one of those mountains, and looked through binoculars past the clear lagoons, you would see a dangerous, perfect left called Teahupo’o. The reef pass is stop No. 7 on the Samsung Galaxy Championship Tour, and a favorite among world tour competitors….Because heaven on earth. The waiting period for the Billabong Pro Tahiti is August 19-30. Tahiti is three hours behind the US West Coast, so handle your business before 11am and tune into to root for your favorite Monster riders. .

Monster Threats


John John Florence: If the waves are big and you’re a betting man, put your money on John Florence. Never has there been someone so young and talented and comfortable in big, backhand tubes. And coming off a second in J-Bay, and sitting No. 2 in the world, he’s got momentum on his side.  


Conner Coffin: Conner needs a solid result if he’s going to push toward that rookie of the year title, and having spent a ton of time at Teahupo’o in the past, this will be a good place to reignite the campaign.

Filipe Toledo: While backside tubes have historically been his Achilles heel, after his US Open win in July, Filipe disappeared into the Indonesian jungle to sharpen his barrel riding blades. Don’t be surprised if Filipe surprises you at Chopes.


Miguel Pupo: That satin smooth style combined with years of experience at the Teahupo’o makes Miggy a likely contender for the final series.


3 Questions

Why do they call it, “The End Of The Road”? Because Teahupo’o literally sits at the end of the road on the southwest side of Tahiti-iti. If you want to go further, you paddle.


How’s the forecast look? As always, it’s too early to call for the entire waiting period, but as of now the beginning of the window looks small, but fun.


And what of this world title race? Glad you asked. After J-Bay, John Florence is only 2,350 points away from ratings leader Matt Wilkinson. And with Teahupo’o, Trestles and France coming up next, John looks likely to capture that yellow jersey.