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Monster Energy sponsored athlete John John Florence at the Hurley Lowers Surf Competition in Trestles, California.

This Way In

Sep 072016

Hello, Lower Trestles. Nice to see you, south swell — thanks for greeting us at the door. Hi, high-performance. Yes, folks, we are back at Lowers and — drink it in — don’t it smell like flying and freedom? The only Championship Tour event held in mainland USA starts Wednesday and as sure it’s going to boast mind-boggling surfing, it’s going to bring the drama. We’ve got injuries. We’ve got rivalries. We’ve got world title implications. If you’re not excited about the CT by the time this contest wraps, maybe it’s time you say goodbye to surfing altogether.

The Hurley Lowers Pro waiting period spans from September 7 to 18. If you’re in Southern California, go to San Clemente and check it out live. If you’re not in the area, find the action at

Monster Threats


John John Florence: John’s coming into this event with the swagger of a world No. 1 ranking, but also with an injury sustained during the final at Teahupo’o. Is a wounded animal really more dangerous? We think so. Look for John to succeed despite the pain. 


Filipe Toledo: The most high performance surfer at the most high performance wave? Yes, please. Odds are strong that Filipe airs his way onto the podium.


Miguel Pupo: He’s won here before and he can do it again. Miggy and Lowers go together like farofa and steak.


Conner Coffin: Conner loves Lowers because it’s a wave where he’s repeatedly proven that he’s more than just a powerhouse. Watch him throw tail as much as gouge rail into the late rounds.


3 Questions


1. Any waves on tap? Hallelujah! There is a good swell forecast! (This year’s been tough, hasn’t it?) The competition will see at least headhigh surf from Thursday till Monday. This comp could be a quickie.


2. And the girls? The lovely ladies, including Monster’s own Tyler Wright, will be competing at the same time in the Swatch Womens Pro. Go Tyler!


3. What about the world title? Our (Pony)boy John Florence is currently wearing the yellow jersey and leading the race by 3,900 points. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that gold can stay!