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Action shots from the Oi, Rio Pro

This Way In - A Monster Energy Preview of the 2018 Oi Rio Pro

May 142018

Location, Location, Location

Last year, the Oi Rio Pro moved from the white sand/brown water beaches of Rio’s Barra Da Tijuca to the town of Saquerema, some two hours east of the iconic city. You didn’t hear any complaints because 1. The waves are better, 2. The water quality improved and, 3. The whole scene just felt a lot safer. And after the West Oz contest was cancelled due to, um, multiple shark attacks, well — let’s just say the WSL has safety on the mind.  We don’t blame them.

The waiting period for the Oi Rio Pro is from May 11 - 20. Rio is four hours ahead of America’s West Coast, so set those go to bed and wake up early, because the first heats will be running in the pre-dawn hours.

Monster Threats

Filipe Toledo: He’s arguably Brazil’s best shot for a world title, and he’s coming home to surf in front of the home crowd. Think he might be fired up?       

Owen Wright: Owen sits at third on the rankings going into Rio. With a podium finish, he’ll grab that yellow jersey.

Conner Coffin: When a punchy beachbreak meets punchy surfer, does that mean the rest of the field gets knocked out? 

Griffin Colapinto: California’s most versatile surfer taking on the tour’s most volatile wave. Yep, this is going to be exciting!

Frederico Morais: The Portuguese have a history of conquering in Brazil. Just sayin'. 

Tyler Wright: Coming off those thigh-burners at the Founder’s Cup, Tyler’s legs are ready to push back against the Saquerema wedge.


3 Questions

1. Wait, what just happened with that wave pool? There was a specialty event called the Founder's Cup. It's over. Back to the ocean now!

2. What’s the forecast look like? Pretty good! Comp will likely start on Day 1 of the waiting period. 

3. What's the shark situation in Brazil? Mellow! We give it a 99 percent chance the contest finishes.