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Surf shots from This Way In, Hawaii.

This Way In - Billabong Pipe Masters

Dec 082017

Location, Location, Location

Driving around the islands, you’ll often see a bumper sticker that says, “Lucky We Live Hawaii.” A grateful bunch, the locals here. For those that don’t call the Rainbow State home, we’re, “Lucky We Visit Hawaii”, and yes, it’s that fortunate season. The time of year when the surf universe squeezes into a tiny stretch of white sand between verdant hills and a powerful, unrelenting Pacific Ocean, to a surf spot called Pipeline. It’s where egos are bruised or bolstered, where champions are crowned or toppled, and where the boom of the surf is matched only by the roar of the crowd. Welcome to the last stop of the 2017 Championship Tour.

Wanna roar with the masses from the comfort of your couch? Watch the Billabong Pipe Masters from December 8-20 at

Monster Threats
Owen Wright: His sister just won a world title and he’s sitting fifth in the rankings. Whether he wins the contest or loses first round, what a comeback year Owen’s had!
Filipe Toledo: In the past five contests, Filipe has finished dead last three times and won twice. Perhaps it’s time to even the score, Filipe?
Conner Coffin: Coming off a commanding win at Sunset, Conner’s got the wind at his back going into Pipe…and it’s been awfully windy over here.
Miguel Pupo: Miggy, as usual, is procrastinating on his re-qualification homework. Somehow he always seems to pass, though, and we don’t see why this year would be any different.
Frederico Morais: Freddy sits 13th on the rankings going into Pipe, and with a tricky forecast on the horizon, expect this Portuguese chameleon to adapt to the conditions and make a move toward the top 10.

3 Questions
1. How’s the forecast look? Like a mixed bag. Lots of swell, sand and wind. But the horizon changes quickly in Hawaii, so who knows, it could shape up for the back half of the waiting period.
2. What about the ladies? They finished their year on at Honolua Bay on Maui, where Monster’s Tyler Wright clinched her second consecutive world title!
3. Any new Monster riders on tour next year? Why, yes, there is. Thank you for asking. Nineteen-year-old Griffin Colapinto just won the Qualifying Series and will be batting with the big boys next year!