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2018 Corona Open J-Bay, South Africa

This Way In: J-Bay

Jul 022018

Location, Location, Location

Over the past couple of years, no contest has delivered as much drama as the Corona Open J-Bay. Perfect 10s. Surfing boats. Shark sightings. Shark pass-bys. Shark attacks. That the WSL returns despite the danger is a testament to the quality of the wave. No matter how many other perfect waves are found, documented and released, J-Bay is the wave against which all others are measured. The world’s best will use the long, perfect rights wrapping into the south-east tip of the Motherland as their canvas yet again in 2018. The waves will be perfect, and everyone brought their favorite brush.

The waiting period for the J-Bay Open is July 2 – 13. South Africa is nine hours ahead of the US west coast, so being nocturnal is ideal. Grab some pop corn and log on to to watch the action unfold.


Monster Threats

Filipe Toledo: He won this event last year in dominating fashion, and history tends to repeat itself. Just sayin’.

Conner Coffin: Just as San Francisco and Lisbon are sister cities, J-Bay and Rincon are sibling waves. Expect Santa Barbara’s CC to exploit some nepotism here.

Owen Wright: Anyone else excited to watch Owen unleash the backhand fury on the world’s best right? Yeah, us too!

Griffin Colapinto: Griffin’s never lost at J-Bay. Need we say more? (OK, he’s never won, either. Rookie vibes. But we always see the can half-full)

Frederico Morais: Freddy finished runner-up last year in an all-Monster final. Expect the big man to make yet another big impact.

Yago Dora: Can Yago bring J-Bay surfing into the modern day with some fin-throw dynamism? If anyone can on the backhand, it’s him.

Tyler Wright: Truthfully, we think she could make heats against the men. In her own division, her power is unmatched. And J-Bay loves power.


3 Questions

What are the girls doing here? The WSL J-Bay comp joins us in the 21st century and makes this event co-ed. It starts June 6. Go Tyler!

What will they do on lay days? Bungee jump, shark dive, golf and pet baby lions.

How’s the forecast look? Like we’ll start with a bang! Expect much of the competition to finish in the first few days. Here we go!