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Image from 2018 Margaret River Pro

This Way In - Margaret River

Apr 102018

Location, Location, Location

We’re back. They said 2018 might be a year without Margaret River on the WSL schedule. But hey, we’re back. And yes, we are happy about it. Because of the challenge. That raw, thick southern ocean swell. Those powerful waves. Those big, gray, wild animals. Snapper is warm and rippable. Bells is cold and soft. But the energy you feel at Main Break, The Box or North Point, well, that’s the kind of energy that makes you feel alive, and we can’t get enough.

The 2018 Margaret River Pro runs from April 11 - 22. West Oz is 9 hours behind the West US, so don’t be afraid to have a post-dinner coffee, stay up and watch the Monster team at

Monster Threats

Owen Wright: After an equal third at Bells, Owen is coiled up and within striking distance of that Jeep Leader’s Jersey.

Filipe Toledo: Last year Filipe had to get out of the water mid-heat due to sharks. This year, it’s going to be him showing fins. (We hope.)

Conner Coffin: You hear that? That’s the sound of Conner finding his rhythm. Let’s hope Margaret’s can keep the beat.

Frederico Morais: The big man likes big water, and feels at home in Main Break’s heavy surf. Expect big results to follow.

Griffin Colapinto: Griff might be all “aw-shucks” on land, but he’s all business in the water. Time to put on the suit and get to work.

Tyler Wright: No doubt it’s been a slow start to the year for Tyler. But she’s been down before and bounced back. Champions like challenges.


3 Questions

Did someone say wildcard? Someone did! And it was Mikey Wright, talking about himself. The Wright clan is rolling deep in WA!

What’s the forecast looking like? There’s plenty of swell on Friday and Saturday, but with iffy winds. Next week waves look smaller, but wind better. Let’s just wake up and check it.

Where will the comp run? Likely at Main Break but there is a chance that we’ll see North Point open up on opening weekend. Gotta love the mobile comp site!