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Conner Coffin surf images for This Way In Pro in France

This Way In - Quiksilver Pro France

Oct 022018

Location, Location, Location,

For most people, October means playoff baseball, golden leaves and decorative gourds. But for surfers, it signifies the start of the European leg and the Quiksilver Pro France. Crisp, long days. Beachbreak barrels. All the bread, wine and cheese that doesn’t even get you fat because you’re surfing so much. It’s a beautiful season to be a surfer and, with a world title race heating up, an even better time to be a fan. The Quikislver Pro France waiting period runs from October 3 - 14. France is nine hours ahead of California. Adjust your sleep patterns and cheer on the Monster team at

Monster Threats

Filipe Toledo: He’s in the zone, and the yellow jersey. Look for him to gain some breathing room in France.

Owen Wright: Currently fifth in the world. Will Europe be his break toward the top-3? We believe so.

Griffin Colapinto: He’s back in the beachbreak conditions he dominated on the QS. We’ve got a good feeling about Griff in Europe!

Conner Coffin: Even before the days of Napoleon the French have respected power. And Conner’s bringing plenty of it.

Frederico Morais: The big guy’s back on his home continent and looking to bounce onto the right side of the qualifying bubble.

Yago Dora: We’ve got one word that should make you wanna back Yago in Europe — wedges.


3 Questions

1. How’s the forecast?

Slow at first, but picking back up this weekend.

2. Where’s Tyler Wright?

She’s resting at home due to an illness. Get well soon, Ty!

3. The world title race — who’s running it?

Filipe Toledo and Gabriel Medina are out front, with Julian Wilson nipping at their heels. This is the best time of the year!