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Photoshooting about new Monster Ultra Fiesta Mango NPD

This year we came up with 3 new flavors

Sep 142021

Let’s start with your favorites’ twin. Yes, it’s Mango Loco, but this time a sugar-free version. The new Ultra Fiesta Mango is a real summer refresher, which blends juicy mango flavor into the Ultra Family we love. Ultra Fiesta celebrates the nights that turn into mornings and the friends we now call family. This will be your new summer favorite!

The Wild West-inspired sugarfree Monster Mule is no ordinary drink. The Mule takes no prisoners and will not be tamed. Mule will not back down, Mule will not yield. The non-alcoholic Monster Mule was inspired by the famous Moscow Mule cocktail, whose fame swept like a wave throughout the night. The non-alcoholic Monster Mule is crafted with a spicy and sweet ginger “mule kick” and a zesty lime finish. We stirred-in our Monster energy blend to get you moving! A drink that doesn't want to meet standards… Welcome to the world of Mule!

Last but not least, the Monster Juiced category has been expanded with a new member too. In the spring, Pacific Punch, inspired by the Pacific Ocean, hit the shelves. Well, that's not an average punch taste! Bold, alternative, rebel. Inspired by the traditional, iconic tattoo style of the 60s. Take a sip and you’re already imagining yourself in California, on a sandy beach and listening the roar of the waves. In addition to its lighter and less sweet taste, it gives you the extra energy you need to achieve your goals and help put wind in your sails and keep you steady and on course no matter how rough the seas.


Each flavor is a character in its own. You can be sure you’ll find your favorite!