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Candid shots from our local photographer Fernando Marmolejo for a Local Interview

Through the eyes of the photographer. An interview with Fer Marmolejo

Nov 042019

Have you ever wondered what a Monster Energy photographer is exposed to?

Cars at full speed, gas, air bikes, smoke, dust, exaggeratedly dangerous heights, circle pits, walls of deaths, and a creative team with enough freedom to create all kinds of crazy things.

We sat down with the Spanish photographer Fernando Marmolejo to make a Recap of everything that has happened in this year, the wildest and toughest events he has been to this year; And we take the opportunity to choose the top 5 of this year's best videos from your YouTube channel.

Find out everything in the interview below!


“I confess that I have a small problem like many of my colleagues... We don't really measure the risk we exposed ourselves...”

Lets start by the beginning. How did you discover that your passion was photography?
As it was from 2009 that through a clavicle break with the MTB I bought my first camera and little by little I began to invest almost the same time in taking photos than in riding in BMX ... I realized that being after the camera gave me the same satisfaction as jumping with the bike. Being involved in the world of sports, even if I am photographing, makes me feel so passionate about my work (although I don't feel it as a real job haha)

What is your photographic style? How would you define it?
Over the years, your style is gradually refining and if it is true that my style may be a mixture between explosiveness and composition ... I try to make the image impact as much as possible without losing sight of a beautiful composition. In the events, for example, I try to make it look like they are private sessions, so the client also keeps you happy.

You are in action, motor, and music events sponsored by Monster Energy... But if you could choose a photography format in which you would like to specialize. What would?
I have realized that Motocross is the sport that I like to photograph the most, but if I had to specialize in something it would be advertising action photography. Let's say it is the best way to capture what I have on my head on paper, since I can direct the whole session to creative ideas. In an event that is almost impossible.


How many countries do you visit on a year?
Well, maybe between 10 and 15 different countries a year, I repeat trips to the  UK, SA or DE ... this year I've been 13 different countries.

Apart from covering events around the world; What other type of projects do you do?
Between events, Monster Energy gives me proper time to work on other projects, and it takes me quite a while, but I also do MTB tourism promotion project in different countries such as Peru, Croatia or Malta and also in regions of Spain... Catalogs and advertising photography, but almost everything in the sports environment.

Which event or which project have you enjoyed the most to date?
Well, with ME it is super complicated to choose an event since the vast majority of those I attend have a very high category of fun ... but if I had to do a TOP 3 it would go like this: Resurrection Fest, MXGP and Gymkhana Grid. The first because it contains one of the things I like most about this world, the music and the people of that festival is super crazy... The other 2 directly because the maneuvers that the pilots do make my head always motivated to take extreme photos!!

Have you seen yourself in a risk situation or have you put your life in danger by taking "that" picture you had in your head?
I confess that I have a small problem like many of my colleagues... We don't really measure the risk we exposed ourselves to... It will be the confidence we place in the pilots when it comes to photographing them but it is clear that shooting with the Fisheye makes you have to get very close to the action, on some occasion I had to convince Rally or MTB world champions to trust me that no matter how close they seemed to happen... I would always move back at the last moment... But it is that the photo that remains is always better, in addition to the adrenaline rush that gives you to pass by next! So everyone is motivated!

What makes you most excited about 2020?
I look forward to this new year as it will come loaded with new projects in exotic places and with heart attack athletes ... Nothing in particular, I just hope to continue enjoying my passion / work so much ...