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Images from KSW 47 MMA event in Łódź, Poland.

Top MMA moves to become a Game Changer

Apr 052019

Mixed Martial Arts has been increasingly taking over the world of sports with its popularity and a lasting impact on its viewers. An amalgamation of varied forms of martial arts, this contact combat sport has gained a massive fan following in the sports enthusiasts of today. This sport traces its origin to centuries back but it was only recently reintroduced to the world by Bruce Lee.

The only way to begin training for this game is to build up a stamina of a beast. For those looking to master the art of Mixed Martials and up your game, here are our top five picks to help you shape into a champion.

  1. Jab

The basic and the essential of them all. Jab requires a straight punch with the lead hand to take the opponent. It is the first thing an MMA fighter is expected to perform but may take years to master. It’s all about the timing.

  1. Trip

The most effective mechanism a fighter can use is this. It simply involves disbalancing one leg of the opponent and using force on his upper body to make him trip, taking over a dominant position.

  1. Round Kick

A crucial part of any fight, to deliver a perfect round kick, it requires balance, coordination, flexibility and timing. Before you launch your kick, make sure you are in the right range to do so.

  1. Sprawl

It is one thing to learn the attacking moves but mastering the defend and counter mechanism is where sprawl comes into picture. Performed by scooting the legs backwards, it is used to avoid being taken down.

  1. Overhand

The most dominant technique of MMA, overhand is essentially a looping punch thrown from the rear hand. The best way to perform an overhand is by establishing the jab right.

This sport does not only require you to be physically proactive rather it trains your mind to be focussed, committed and teach you the practice of endurance. A battle of mind and body indeed.