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2021 Samuele Zuccali shooting

Trial Freestyle: ti presento Samuele Zuccali

May 062021

E' passato a trovarci Samuele, aveva bisogno di un refill di energia per il suo frigo. Ne abbiamo approfittato per fargli 5 domande...

Hi, i'm sam and i flip everywhere!

Introduce yourself to Monster Energy fans 

Hi everyone, I'm Samuele Zuccali, I was born in Brescia on April 30th 1993, and I live in Monza. Since I was a child I have had an unbridled passion for motorized two wheels. Since I was 5 I have loved motorcycles, my dad brought my first bike home to me at that age, I barely knew how to ride a bicycle, but with the bike it was different, I immediately had a feeling with the bike. Shortly after I started with the first races, until I reached good levels, European, and some stages of the world championship. I managed to get good results but above all a very good control of the bike. From then on it was a short step to start wanting to experience something new with my bike, wheelies, stubble and some leaps between the piles of earth in the woods. And maybe it was there that I started to get passionate about the world of freestyle, I watched videos to learn some Tricks, I tried hundreds of times until I could the figures, and every time I wanted to learn something new, and here I am today.

How did you get started with freestyle trial?

After about 14 years of competitions at a competitive level, and some wheelies at the end of the competition, I was invited to participate in freestyle shows. I started with the first show during the week of the cycle and motorcycle show in Milan in 2011, and that's where I discovered the best part of freestyle shows: the audience. Their warmth, their charge, and their fun filled me more than I imagined. That's how I realized that was just what I wanted to do, have fun and have fun at the same time. I would say I couldn't ask for anything better. The first years I performed with shows all over Italy. During the week I worked in the family business and then, the weekend I dedicated to events, I left on Friday evening or at dawn on Saturday and returned on Sunday night to be at work on Monday. Tiring, but I would never give up on that passion.In 2018 I was contacted by Fred Crosset to work with CIRCUS TRIAL TOUR. I can't even explain the amazement and enthusiasm I felt that day. I have always followed Circus Trial videos around Europe with that crazy truck / structure logged in Monster Energy. It was always my dream, to be able to work with Fred, with Monster and jump on that breathtaking structure.If I think that Fred and I are now like brothers, I think about the emotions I felt during the most important shows in Europe on that structure, sometimes I can hardly believe it has become my everyday life.

What is the element that makes this discipline unique for you compared to others, FMX for example

The element that makes this discipline unique is perhaps the versatility of the bike, being a sport based on the control and management of the bike in every slightest movement, Tricks can be created in very limited spaces, both on the ground and on structures of all kinds. and above all you can play a little more with the public, there is more contact with people than in FMX shows, which for safety reasons must necessarily keep a certain distance from the structures.

How are you experiencing this period without performances?

This last year has been very difficult for me as I think for everyone, I must say that I suffered a lot from show "abstinence". I feel something is missing. It is certainly very difficult not to break down in the historical moment we are living, but I try to be positive, I wait for it to return to normal, in the meantime I keep myself trained and learn new tricks that I can insert into the show, hoping to wake up one morning and that all just a bad memory remains. I really hope the situation improves, and I hope to get back to doing what I love as soon as possible.

What do you like about the Monster Energy world and what is your favorite can of Monster Energy?

I've always been passionate about extreme sports, and Monster Energy is the King in this, and I realized that the Monster Energy world and I have a great passion in common: we love adrenaline. The events, the videos, the photos, it's all full of adrenaline, and the Energy drinks are too! My favourite? Obviously in addition to the great classic Monster Energy the original, the Juiced mango loco is FANTASTIC, and I must say that it is also my favorite in terms of graphics.