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Images of Michael Dunlop signing the Monster commissioned fan giveaway artwork.

TT 2019: #JoinTheMayhem and win!

Jun 042019

To celebrate the incredible speed and action of the Isle of Man TT, as well as our tenth anniversary of teaming up with the legendary races, we collaborated with three artists to capture the the raw talent, determination and legendary status of our three athletes currently testing themselves to the limit around the Mountain Course.

What’s more you can have a chance to win an exclusively signed and framed print of the artwork. All you have to do is share a photo on Instagram of you interacting with Monster Energy - including the hashtag #JoinTheMayhem.

Check out the three prints below, and just how @45RPMWHAT, @SLEDONE, and @_THE_REAL_DIL took on the challenge of portraying John McGuinness, Ian Hutchinson, and Michael Dunlop on canvas.


How did you approach the brief?

I started by looking into the history of the race and John himself. The colours, bikes he used, and the achievements her has had over the many years immediately began to inspire my approach.

What was your inspiration?

I found the designs for the programs over the years to have a nice clean look to them. These proved to be the perfect source of inspiration. I chose to draw him as a classic rider front-on, but with a bit of humour chucked in - shown by him carrying his many trophies. I then added some paint textures to get the vintage look, and to hopefully remind people of the programs of years gone by.

What amazed you about John McGuinness?

It was a pleasure ‘getting to know John’ as I got lost in a variety of YouTube and social content showcasing his amazing achievements. To watch a human push themselves to such amazing feats is fascinating, inspiring, and for me, truly amazing.


How did you approach the brief?

I wanted to create a piece that would reflect the energetic and powerful nature of the TT with my style of surreal characters. The medium I have used is digital painting. I wanted the whole piece to have a colour scheme and tie together with Ians iconic colours.

What was your inspiration?

I found I could draw similarities between knights and the TT riders such as horsepower, bravery and strength. Also, a knights armour is not that dissimilar in certain ways to the race leathers worn by the riders. I have also tried to incorporate elements of Ian being super human; hence then cogs and wires flying out of him. What he has endured and achieved is truly remarkable.

What amazed you the most about Ian Hutchinson?

I really wanted to convey that Ian is a machine! After looking further into Ian’s career can hardly say that he isn't. As someone that has returned from a huge injury, he now ready to take on his next opponent.


How did you approach the brief?

The world of motorsport has a very rich tradition of visual imagery so there was a lot to draw from. I decided to take a classic icon of motorcycle racing (the helmet) and adapt the image to my own style.

What was your inspiration?

Michael has never been a wall flower in the motorcycle scene, that’s for sure! With his hard and fast approach to racing, the bull in the helmet seemed the perfect motif for him. He has some killer records too. He was the first person to complete a lap of the TT in under 17 minutes. This is represented with a ‘Sub 17 Club’ sticker on the helmet.

What amazed you the most about Michael Dunlop?

His attitude. He’s had his fair share of controversies. He does his own thing, his own way. He can do that because when he’s on that bike he pushes it to the limit and beyond.