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Tyler Wright Becomes 2016 WSL World Champion in Hossegor, France

Tyler Wright Is The 2016 WSL World Champion

Oct 122016

You saw it coming. We saw it coming. Tyler Wright definitely saw it coming. But none of us knew when. Well on Wednesday, with Courtney Conlogue falling to Carissa Moore in the semifinals of the Roxy Pro France, it happened — Tyler Wright became a world champion. On the beach, surrounded by media, coaches, family and friends, WSL commentator Peter Mel asked her how it felt to be champion of the world. She paused. “…It feels pretty good,” she said, holding back tears as the moment sank in. “There were some reasons that I set out to win a world title this year, reasons that I didn’t mention to the public. I lost an uncle last year, and this was the last event he saw me compete in. And from then on, I promised him I’d win a world title.” It was an emotional moment, an emotional win, and as she processed the circumstances, she went from sentimental to wild-eyed and she flexed her muscles and roared for the crowd. Pure energy, pure elation. And yes, she had a final to surf, and no, she didn’t win it — but it didn’t matter. The work was done. The goal was reached. And a promise to her uncle was kept..

“Congratulations, Tyler — now, let’s celebrate!”